How to Shoot Wolves from an Airplane

How to Shoot Wolves from an Airplane


Fascinating interview with 100 year old Trapper and Hunter Roy Eykamp; the last of a dying breed.

I have always been fascinated by trappers and mountain men who made their living from living off the land and  harvesting pelts.

When I was a kid growing up in Central Texas, I would go out trapping and fox hunting with my Dad and those are some of my best childhood memories to be sure.

I like the advice he gives about shooting from an aircraft or any moving vehicle. You never traverse your aim horizontally (left to right) you only move vertically (up and down).

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RKBA News: Two Home Defense Shootings in Two Different States With Two VASTLY Different Outcomes

That is why I am PROUD to Live in Texas my friends. -SF


On 16 July, a homeowner in Chicopee, Massachusetts was confronted with three men who were attempting to break into his house. It was an hour past noon, in broad daylight. He called the police to report the attempted break in. He tried to get them to leave,  but one persisted in pounding on the door.  When the would be intruder broke glass, he shot one shot through the door. That intruder died.  It turned out that the intruder was 15 years old and had been illegally drinking with his two friends. Afterwards, the surviving young men claimed they were “confused”.

The homeowner was charged with first degree murder.

In San Antonio, Texas, a remarkably similar circumstance happened on 21 July, at about 10 a.m. In this case a man is attempting to break into the house.  The homeowner is there with his wife.  They call the police to report the attempted break in.  The tell the intruder to leave.  The intruder continues to pound on the door. The intruder breaks the door handle. The homeowner shoots through the door, and the intruder dies. It sounds very similar.

An intruder, or in Massachusetts, three intruders, attempt to break into a house in broad daylight.  The homeowner calls police and demands that the intruders leave.  They continue to pound on the door.  One breaks glass, the other breaks the door handle.  Both homeowners shoot through the door, and one intruder in each case dies. But Texas is not Massachusetts.  Instead of being charged with first degree murder, the homeowner is congratulated.  From

Authorities arrived at the 9700 block of Autumn Dew around 10 a.m. after the homeowner and his wife, who is in her late 60s, called police to report that a man was attempting to break into their home.

SAPD spokesperson Douglas Greene said the elderly man pleaded with the attempted intruder to stop his efforts to get into the couple’s home, but the man continued to force his way into the home, eventually breaking the door handle.


Greene commended the elderly man on his response to the situation — first calling police, informing authorities he had a gun in his home and then making attempts to stave the would-be intruder’s attempts to enter his home.

There are some differences.  in Massachusetts the three intruders were drunken teens.  We do not know the toxicology on the 42 year old intruder in Texas, but he was a big guy. Three drunken teens who break down your door are at least as much a potential threat as a 42 year old man.  In Massachusetts the homeowner was alone.  He is  42 years old.  In Texas the homeowner was 78, with his wife. He is reported to be a retired special forces colonel.

The difference is primarily one of law and culture.  The law in Texas protects homeowners rights to defense of self and home better than nearly all other states.  Massachusetts has weaker protections than nearly all other states.

In Texas, the Sheriff’s office commended the homeowner.  In Massachusetts the DA charged him with first degree murder.

The population of the United States is highly mobile.  A person may find themselves moving from state to state with some frequency.  Study the law of self defense for the state that you are in.  While the laws change, changes in the laws of defense of self and property seldom occur more often than once a decade.

Access to the Internet has made this research fairly simple.  If you own a firearm, it is worth your time to spend the few minutes that it takes to know your local laws.

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Civilian Operator 101: Stopping a “Jihad-Mobile”


By Hammerhead


With the recent terror attack in Nice, France we saw yet again how a determined jihadi with a relatively simple  attack plan and using a vehicle as a weapon wreaked absolute havoc and carnage on a group of innocent civilians, killing 84 and wounding 202.

Terrorist Using Vehicles as Weapons is of course nothing new, but it begs the question to Law Enforcement First and the Civilian Operator Second: How do you Stop a Vehicle Like This once all other security measures have failed?

As I have sad before, when we talk about these types of dynamic scenarios we always have to remember that STOPPING this jihadi POS is not our primary job, it is Law Enforcement’s. Our Primary Job is to SURVIVE! 

That being said, SELF-SUFFICIENCY, not DEPENDENCY on the “AUTHORITIES” to “SAVE US” is something that is at the core of what the CO practices and preaches.

So to make it simple, let’s put it this way: Your First Obligation is the Safety of Your Family and Yourself. And if you have been reading this blog for any amount of time, you know what I am going to say next. You first duty (and weapon) under that obligation is to be SITUATIONALLY AWARE.  

At the tragedy in Nice, the majority of the victims were distracted by watching a fireworks show. The last thing they had on their minds was some maniac coming to plow them over with a truck. But as I said in my POST yesterday, if we expect to be smarter than our enemies, we have to LEARN from these tragedies, not just MOURN them. That means from now on, wherever we are, whether we are at the park with our kids or an outdoor concert with our wife, we HAVE TO BE consciously aware of what is going on around us, regardless of the festivities/entertainment taking place. Vigilance is not only the price of liberty, but also the price of our SAFETY as well.

So let’s just say your AWARENESS pays off and you recognize the threat before he is able to make you into a human hood ornament. Now what? Easy Answer: Get the Hell out of the kill box! He has a vehicle that at minimum, weighs a ton or more, you are on foot with a handgun with possibly VIP’s in tow (Family/Friends/Significant Others). Bottom line: a vehicle trumps a pistol so RUN.



But let’s just say for the sake of argument you are put in a position where this maniac is NOT going to let you escape to a place of SAFETY, and for whatever reason, you are going to have to FIGHT TO ESCAPE. In that case, here is a rough sketch of an action plan.

First, Place any VIP’s behind you and/or somewhere with hard cover and out of harms way. Secondly, if you have not done so already, Call 911. Give the dispatcher all the pertinent information you have. Make sure to tell the dispatcher you are legally armed so she can relay that to the responding officers. If possible, stay on the line with the dispatcher to create an audio record of the incident in the event you have to go to court to explain your actions.

Now as far as “tactics” go in this situation, I am not going to be able to tell you specifically “do this or do that”. I mean you have some maniac in a vehicle trying to run you over, I think you get the ideal what you have to do!

As far as when it comes time to shoot, some basic things to remember:

  • If you are in a crowded venue, there will be innocent bystanders around, Only take the shot if it is Clean and you have a safe background. I tell you this like you will have all the time in the world to make this decision, but in reality this decision will have to be made in a heartbeat. 
  • Things will be moving fast, and you may only get one chance to take out this maniac, so make your shots count, but do not hesitate to fire multiple rounds. In a situation like this, the more volume of fire you place into that vehicle cab the more likelihood you will score a good hit.


When we examine the picture above which shows the truck that was used in the Nice attack, we see the majority of the bullet holes on the left side of the cab, with a few rounds on the right side. In France, they drive on the right side of the road just like us, which means the terrorist was sitting on the right side. With the majority of the bullet holes on the left side, this means the police were firing at the driver from the front/left flank, angling their shots left to right as the vehicle moved.  Dean Weingarten at Gun Watch did an excellent overview of this subject which you can read about HERE.

I know some of you may be asking yourself..”Well, shouldn’t I try to disable the vehicle first by shooting the tires or radiator before I try to take out the driver?” To this I answer unequivocally: NO! This maniac has already run over or ATTEMPTED to run over you and other people, so he has already demonstrated all the requirements the Law needs for you to use Lethal Force to stop him.

Having said all of that, you still need a “Plan B” to immobilize the vehicle in the event you cannot neutralize the driver right away for whatever reason. This of course means taking out the tires and the radiator/engine block if possible.

As a side note, it might behoove you guys to go back and review an article I did a while back on Bullet Behavior. I talk about how bullets behave though all types of mediums, including vehicle glass.

Speaking of shooting through vehicle glass, I would be remiss if I did not mention two things:

  • Carry Bonded Ammo when you suspect you might be shooting in or around vehicles or through glass. Bonded rounds are superior at maintaining their weight retention when fired through glass or other mediums.
  • When firing through Glass at a bad guy, HEAVY Volume of Fire directed at the same POINT is key to making solid hits.

Ultimately, the thing you have to remember is that these kind of scenarios are always going to be dynamic and unpredictable, and as a CO, you have to be ready to adapt right along with them. If you are forced to shoot at this guy and your rounds are not effective for whatever reason, transition right over to shooting out the tires and trying to pierce his radiator/engine block. Some of the newer model of vehicles will automatically shut down if the battery or electronics are disabled, so again, volume of fire is key.

There is no perfect answer for these types of scenarios, but there are answers; and those answers are ALWAYS going to involve ACTION on your part in some form or fashion.

I always remember this old Army adage from WWII:

“You can get killed doing a lot of things in life. But when the chips are down, one thing that will GUARANTEE you getting killed is you doing NOTHING.”


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Armed Citizens Corner: “The One in a Quarter of A Million Shot”


An extraordinary shot from a Colorado gunfight is being described as a “one in a billion” shot.  The shot is extraordinary, but the odds are much better than a billion to one.  It is fairly common for people in a gun fight to get hit in the gun arm or gun hand, or for their firearm to be hit.  The gun is usually out front, facing the person who they are firing at and or who is fireing at them.  People tend to equate the gun with the threat, so they focus on the gun hand.  Where the eyes look, the bullets tend to go. From

In an exchange of gunfire that left him seriously wounded, Marquez hit one suspect in the leg, and another of his .45-caliber bullets made a “one in a billion” shot, according to a letter Orman wrote to Jefferson County Sheriff Jeff Shrader and Aurora Police Chief Nick Metz.

That round traveled up the barrel of the attacker’s gun, colliding with a cartridge in the chamber and rendering the .40-caliber pistol inoperable, the letter said.

Let us do a quick calculation of the odds.  If the barrel is facing the threat, the bullet has to hit the barrel fairly close to the center for it or a significant fragment to travel down the bore.  A reasonable assumption would be that the center of the bullet would have to hit within .1 inches of the center of the bore.

It is reasonable to believe that an average person would be able to keep his shots within a four foot square at pistol fighting distances.  An expert should do much better; If you are in the top 1%, I would expect you to keep them with in one foot square.  But everyone cannot be in the top 1%.  48″x48″ gives us a bit less than a quarter of a million .1 x .1 inch squares.

So the odds of the shot are about a quarter million to one. If you are in the top 1%, those odds drop to about 15,000 to one.  But that would presume that you would be aiming for the gun.  An expert usually aims for the heart or the spine.  Those targets are much more likely to stop an assailant with a gun from pulling the trigger.

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Dallas Shooter Gun Enigma


I had recently posted an article that originally appeared this morning on Ammo-Land written by my fellow blogger Dean Weingarten on the TYPE of gun Dallas Shooter Micah Johnson used to murder 5 Dallas Cops.

Dean had Speculated an SKS, which turned out to be incorrect.

Since this morning, that article has been taken down and replaced with this article which can be seen on both Ammo-Land and Gun Watch.

In this article Dean poses the question to all readers:  Who Knows this rifle? (The one on the right above)

I am gonna throw my hat in the ring on this one and say it is this rifle:

(I cannot identify the scope, although it appears to be a 4 or 6x low quality “Stainless” model mounted on some type of side-rail mount. The RAS-47 does come standard with a scope rail as seen in the second picture via the link)


Century Arms RAS-47, 7.62×9 Rifle with Zhukov Magpul Furniture.



Please note: The link provided with this gun is attached to Aim Surplus. I am in no way inferring this is where Johnson GOT this gun, I am simply providing the link for purposes of identification.

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