Learning From Criminal and Terrorist Tactics: Video Breakdown of July 7th Dallas Shooting

A very complete and detailed picture of what exactly happened July 7th in Dallas, TX when Micah Johnson killed 5 Police Officers and wounded 9 others.

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Examining GW Tactics: Fire and Maneuver in Urban AO’s


 By Hammerhead

In a recent Article, Law Enforcement told how they found a very large collection of ‘tactical writings’ in the home of Dallas Police Shooter and Army Panty Bandit Micah Johnson.

According to Police, the tactic of “Fire and Maneuver” or “Shoot and Move” was the tactic seen most often in Johnson’s “voluminous” notes.

Since Johnson’s MOS and military career was devoid of any real Combat training or experience while in Afghanistan, Where Johnson actually learned these tactics is up for debate. John Mosby in his superb Mountain Guerilla blog  makes the case that Johnson was taught these tactics possibly by somebody who had participated in Mil-Sim (Airsoft).

My personal opinion is that Johnson at some time or another, post-Army career, received training by Black Power militants within the BLM community, who are most likely, according to Robert Spencer from Jihad Watch connected with HAMAS through the help of CAIR, which is widely known to financially support Terrorism.

The student of history and Guerilla Warfare does not have to look very far back to see the deadly nexus between 1960’s  Black Power militant movements, like the Black Panther Party and the Nation of Islam led by Louis Farrakhan, so the BLM/HAMAS-CAIR connection is by no means a conspiratorial stretch.

Below is a vid from a Black Panther rally in 2015 in Austin, Texas where armed black militants called for the death of “pigs” (Police Officers) with the ominous chant “Oink, Oink Bang, Bang.”

When one starts piecing together the Dallas attack, the “Shoot and Move” tactic used by Johnson was one of the main reasons police thought there were facing MULTIPLE shooters, instead of just one shooter, as the fire was coming from many different positions. Gunfire echo in an urban setting combined with the chaos and high stress most likely attributed to this confusion.

This is a very important lesson to learn, both in the study of Guerilla and Counter-Insurgency Warfare (COIN). The guerilla must use any and all “force multipliers” to his advantage to try to overwhelm the enemy (both mentally and physically.) One of the greatest force multipliers is the APPEARANCE that the Guerilla (or the Guerilla Force) outnumber the Conventional Force.


This tactic most often manifest itself as a psych-warfare tool first. Keeping the enemy confused and fearful creates hesitation in how they will respond both tactically and strategically, which gives the guerilla more time to plan and attack. We can understand this point better as we listen to the Police radio traffic from that day of the attack in Dallas.

Now that we have briefly touched on some of the offensive aspects of fire and manuever warfare, let’s talk about the DEFENSIVE aspects.

The armed citizen must understand that regardless if it is you and a perp facing off at 10 feet in a gas station parking lot or you pinned down in an urban shootout like the one in Dallas, MOVEMENT = LIFE! I will be touching on some of the more detailed aspects of urban sniping and fighting in some later installments, but right now the key thing for you to remember is to ALWAYS MOVE TO SOLID COVER AND KEEP MOVING UNTIL YOU ARE OUT OF THE KILL BOX. 

In Combat Shooting you will often hear the maxim: “GET OFF THE X!” (With the “X” Being the Kill box.) For those of you that understand how the OODA loop works (Observe, Orient, Decide and Act) when you MOVE In a fight, regardless if it is empty hand, stick, knife or gun, you force your enemy to RESET their OODA Loop. Even something as simple as a side-step can buy you 1/2 a second of reaction time in a fight and that half-second may be all you need to neutralize your opponent  or escape.


When we are talking about a situation like the Dallas shooting, where civilians were caught out in the open with a shooter in an elevated position, Movement can be a tricky thing. Depending on the shooter’s elevation, your cover may be of little use since the shooter may be able to position themselves to look OVER and DOWN onto your position. This is what I mean by having SOLID or COMPLETE cover. Remember, If you don’t have a solid roof over your head, he may can see you and consequently, shoot you.

Combine this fact with the shooter using “Fire and Maneuver” tactics and this is how you can end up being PINNED Down and eventually overwhelmed and killed. I cannot stress enough how important movement is in these situations. Staying “planted” in a kill box, regardless of how “safe” you feel, is a sure-fire recipe for a funeral.

Pictures from that day show how officers and civilians alike were “hugging” the ground, Getting as LOW as possible behind vehicles or any cover that was available.


Staying as Low as possible is a good tip anytime shooting is taking place, however, in an urban setting where the shooter is elevated, it is mandatory. We will discuss more on “Urban Sectors of Fire” in another post, but for right now it will suffice for you to understand that in an urban setting, depending on how elevated the shooter is, he may be able to shoot farther on the “oblique” than he can straight on, it just depends. Of course what kind of rifle the shooter is armed with and his skill level play heavily into this equation also. I highly recommend John L. Plasters The Ultimate Sniper and his section on Urban Sniping  for more advanced reading on this subject.

More to Come Later.

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Dose of Truth: Dallas Police Ambush Was A Domestic Racist Terror Attack


Let us call this ambush in Dallas what it is.  A domestic racist terror attack aimed at white people and white police. From abcnews.com:

One of the suspects in the ambush-style shootings in Dallas that left five police officers dead overnight told a hostage negotiator he was upset about the recent police shootings of two black men and he wanted to kill white people, especially cops, Dallas Police Chief David Brown said at a news conference this morning.

Seven hours after the first shots, last suspect was shot and killed.
The groundwork for this sort of attack has been laid by the Obama administration over the last seven and a half years.  The Obama administration has been quick to fan the flames of anti-white racism in the black community.

The Obama administration has been quick to blame racism for incidents that later turned out to be completely justified and unrelated to racism.  When proven wrong, they have never retracted their statements or backed off of them.

When has the Obama administration apologized to Darren Wilson, the white police officer who was totally vindicated in the Ferguson shooting of Michael Brown?

The Obama administration never apologized for their characterization of George Zimmerman, who was totally exoneratedin a court of law, with the deck stacked against him by the Obama administration and their allies in the old media.  Zimmerman is of mixed race heritage.  The Obama administration could have stated that he was found not guilty and that continued attacks against him were shameful.  They tacitly encouraged the verbal assaults.  No arrests were ever made of the people who made death threats against Zimmerman.  A bounty was placed on George Zimmerman’s head by the New Black Panthers. President Obama remained silent.

This administration has allied itself with Black Lives Matter, a radical anti-police, anti-white, racist group that has been repeatedly associated with calls for violence against the police.  Representatives of Black Lives Matter have been invited to the White House numerous times. To Black Lives Matter, white lives do not matter.  It is a virulently racist organization.

The Obama administration is famous for its “apology tour” around the world, blaming the United States and previous white presidents for the ills of the world.  That show of weakness has resulted in the strengthening of our enemies all over the globe.

A similar situation has been created in the black racist community with the way Black Lives Matter has been coddled and approved of by this administration, no matter how racist they have been, no matter how vociferously they have chanted for the deaths of police.

At every opportunity, the Obama administration has blamed the United States and white people for the percieved injustices of the world.

It has been quick to blame Second Amendment supporters and the NRA as each terrorist attack has occurred.  I predict that the domestic, racist, terror attack against police officers in Dallas will be used as an excuse to push for more  infringements on the Second Amendment and to attack the NRA.  It will be used to  attack due process and the Bill of Rights. It will be used as a crisis to further the Obama administration’s agenda.

President Obama piously intones that he is disgusted by the ambush that took five innocent police lives and wounded several others.  He need only look in the mirror to find someone to blame.

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Police Watch: The Bomb Robot Drone Killing Precedent

BR drones


As you’ve no doubt heard, sniper(s) attacked the police protecting a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas last night, killing 5 cops. Dallas Police have released the name of one perpetrator, who was killed by police: Micah Johnson. Johnson was apparently an Army veteran; he was what experts deemed “tactically professional” based on review of the attack.

The entire attack was a tragic escalation of racial tensions in this country.

In a press conference today, Dallas Police Chief David Brown revealed this about the stand-off with Johnson:

Let me walk through the stand-off that had occurred–or was occurring–at El Centro on the second floor. The college there in downtown Dallas. We cornered one suspect and we tried to negotiate for several hours. Negotiations broke down. We had an exchange of gunfire with the suspect. We saw no other option but to use our bomb robot and place a device on its extension for it to detonate where the suspect was. Other options would have exposed our officers to grave danger. The suspect is deceased as a result of detonating the bomb. The reporting that the suspect killed himself is not accurate. We’ve confirmed that he’s been deceased because of the detonation of the bomb.

This is the first known killing by a weaponized drone as part of policing in the United States.

The use of the bomb robot in this operation raises several tactical questions. It is possible — though unlikely — that the weaponized drone was present for negotiations, which would raise interesting questions about those discussions (three other people are in custody and they are not cooperating; Johnson claimed, apparently falsely, that he operated alone).

I’m more interested in the tactical question of delivering a lethal bomb rather than something that might have demobilized him — perhaps tear gas?– and permitted police to take him alive.

Those questions about the tactical use of this robot will be answered as the police release more details.

There is, of course, the larger question of what kind of precedent this serves. I’ve long been on the record arguing that a targeted killing in the US would look more like the killing of Luqman Abdullah or Fred Hampton. But the use of a wheeled robot changes that possibility.

Remember, the logic of the Anwar al-Awlaki memos depend on two things: law enforcement precedents authorizing the use of force when officers — or innocent bystanders — lives are at risk.

Even in domestic law enforcement operations, the Court has noted that “[w]here the officer has probable cause to believe that the suspect poses a threat of serious physical harm, either to the officer or to others, it is not constitutionally unreasonable to prevent escape by using deadly force.” Garner, 471 U.S. at II. Thus, “if the suspect threatens the officer with a weapon or there is probable cause to believe that he has committed a crime involving the infliction or threatened infliction of ~erious physical harm, deadly force may be used if necessary to prevent escape and if. where feasible, some warning has been given.” ld. at 11-12.

Given the attacks on other officers and the exchange of gunfire before using the robot, DPD will easily reach the bar of imminent threat (even though they might have been able to use non-lethal means).

The other thing included in the Awlaki memos (though in unredacted form, in Harold Koh’s comments rather than the OLC memos) is language finding that the use of drones don’t make a legal difference in use of force calculations.

Second, some have challenged the very use of advanced weapons systems, such as unmanned aerial vehicles, for lethal operations. But the rules that govern targeting do not turn on the type of weapon system used, and there is no prohibition under the laws of war on the use of technologically advanced weapons systems in armed conflict– such as pilotless aircraft or so-called smart bombs– so long as they are employed in conformity with applicable laws of war. Indeed, using such advanced technologies can ensure both that the best intelligence is available for planning operations, and that civilian casualties are minimized in carrying out such operations.

In other words, there’s little reason to believe this use of force will be legally questionable, at all. Which means there’s little question that it might be used a precedent by other police departments. (And let it be noted that Dallas is considered a far better run police department on such issues than other big cities, much less other less professional offices.) And given the way the Executive has already blurred the line between police usage and intelligence usage, we might expect the same to happen in the future.

There may have been other options available here (and note, in the press conference the mayor thanked the FBI, so it’s not clear whether DPD made this decision on their own), but this will be deemed reasonable.

Which doesn’t mean other, unreasonable uses of this precedent aren’t coming down the pike.

Update: Dallas police have now said that they think Johnson was the only shooter. I’m not sure whether that means the other three suspects were not accomplices at all or helped in some way that did not involve shooting.

Still, consider that Johnson’s military experience was as a mason, not any kind of highly skipped soldier. He managed to do a great deal of damage working off his reserve training.

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Texas News: Breakdown on Tactics Used in Dallas Shooting

Military experts have taken to Twitter to dissect footage captured of one of the Dallas shootersas he ambushed police officers during a protest in the city’s center on Thursday night.

In the deadliest day for US law enforcement since 9/11, five police officers were shot and killed by snipers during an otherwise peaceful demonstration to protest this week’s police-shooting deaths in Louisiana and Minnesota.

Seven other officers were injured: Two underwent surgery and three are in critical condition, according to police.

Malcolm Nance, a combat veteran and retired US Navy Intelligence official, tweeted an analysis of one of the attacker’s tactics, caught on video, as he opened fire.

In the graphic video, the suspect can be seen firing on an unknown individual who had been hiding behind a pillar.


1. TACTICALLY PROFESSIONAL: Shooter uses military Combat Glide, fire-on the move & tactical flow techniques .https://twitter.com/iraqisecurity/status/751336651415293952 

2. He maintains weapon in position w/o lowering it while moving. Engages. Covers himself No panic even under fire.

3. Shooter covered angles. Did a post shoot rear clearance & turned. Took solid cover.

Nance continued:

“Shooter not using off-hand shots, but good use of cover alternating engag. side. Mainly Double taps … Shooters intent on surviving. Had escape & evasion plan. Feels militia or Domestic terror grp trained in USA. Initial fusillade was numerous 4-6 shot groups. Mainly 4 shot. Several weapons. Not gang style.”

He added: “For anyone who thinks I’m calm. I’m VERY VERY upset. Went to SWAT school with civilian cops. This is designed to incite civil war.”

Sean Parnell, an Army Ranger and combat infantryman who was embedded with the 10th Mountain Division in Afghanistan, said that the ambush appeared “sophisticated.”

“Heard 3 semi automatic rifles from 3 separate positions,” Parnell tweeted. “Coordinated ambush. Fire was synchronized & focused. This was sophisticated.”

He added that the attack “definitely takes coordination. If I’m a betting man, they had egress routes pre planned.”

Another law-enforcement analyst told CNN: “These were not amateurs.”

Alex Horton, an Iraq veteran-turned national reporter for the military news site Stars and Stripes, tweeted a similar analysis.

“Smooth footwork, uses pillar as cover during movement, assaults through, pivots back to previous targets. Takes a cool head,” Horton said. “That aggression though, choosing to quickly close the distance to a threat to create a buffer from the video camera’s 9 o’clock.”

Thomas Gibbons-Neff, a US Marine Corps veteran who now writes for The Washington Post, also weighed in.

“All you can tell is that the shooter appears comfortable doing what he’s doing. Controls the weapon, deliberate aiming/firing,” Gibbons-Neff noted on Twitter.

He added: “I guess what jumps the most is his assault on the officer. In combat, it’s called a close ambush. If you’re engaged from within 25 yards, you establish fire superiority and assault through the objective. Something — training or no training — this guy clearly did.”

Dallas Police Chief David O. Brown said the officers were shot by two snipers in “elevated positions” near the protests and said the department believes the attackers coordinated the ambush.

They “planned to injure and kill as many law-enforcement officers as they could,” Chief Brown said.“Some were shot in the back. We believe that these suspects were positioning themselves in a way to triangulate on these officers.”

He added that the suspects — three of whom are now in custody, and the fourth who was killed by police, though earlier reports stated that he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound — may have had some prior knowledge of the route the protesters were going to take.

“How would you know to post up there?” he said, referring to the elevated position the snipers were in. “We have yet to determine whether or not there was some complicity with the planning of this, but we will be pursuing that.”

Brown noted, however, that the suspects in custody were not being very cooperative: “We just are not getting the cooperation we’d like, to know that answer of why, the motivation, who they are.”

President Barack Obama addressed the shooting in a press conference from Warsaw, calling it a “vicious, calculated and despicable attack.”

At least 11 officers and one civilian were shot. Four of the deceased officers were from the Dallas Police Department. One deceased officer was from the Dallas Area Rapid Transit agency.

Read the Original Article with Photos at Business Insider

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