More Proof Multi-Culturalism is a DEADLY Lie

DACA Illegal Alien Charged With First-Degree Murder, Child Rape in Colorado


Another innocent life lost needlessly.

Stand Up to the Rising of the Red Tide.


A Dreamer Nightmare

Man arrested in Virginia, accused of multiple murders, is DACA recipient, source says


Boy that Multiculturalism racket is sure getting expensive. How long until we cancel that contract?

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


So How’s that “Diverse Utopia” Working out for you Kalifornia?

OC homeless man suspect charged with setting 8 fires

Funny the writer did not go into the immigration status of Gustavo the Neanderthal firebug.

California “Dreamer” Arrested After Molesting 6 Year Old Boy in Public Library


Time to wake up America.

California is turning out to be the national cautionary tale for what happens when you allow ILLEGAL ALIENS free reign in your State.

They Burn it down and molest six year old children.


Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!