A Safe and Secure Way to Decommission a Hard Drive | (ISC)² Article

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Pay particular attention to damaging the platters inside the hard drives where data is magnetically recorded” says UMich.edu.

Hard drives will typically have several platters mounted on the same spindle. See featured image. Be thorough.

Hard disk with platter

Physical destruction is generally considered the most secure and permanent type of data destruction, but this must be done to a provable level, as even a small piece of a disk may contain data. Typical techniques include grinding, shredding, incineration, applying corrosive chemicals, or applying extremely high voltage.

(ISC)² Article

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Secret Messages – A Guide To Covert Communication

Secret Messages – A Guide To Covert Communication


Nothing ground breaking here, just some “secret comm” fundamentals.

Remember, having a Security mindset in today’s cyber-snooping world is just good common sense.


The Surveillance State: Metaverse Is the Ultimate Surveillance Tool

The Metaverse Is the Ultimate Surveillance Tool


Really well done podcast about Metaverse and it’s application for global surveillance the likes of which you have never imagined!





Some Thoughts From A Reader

How Easy is it to Dupe somebody in the 21st Century?

This Easy.

Plan Accordingly.

The Surveillance State: Big Brother Will Soon Be Able To Legally Hack You


The Feds Will Soon Be Able to Legally Hack Almost Anyone

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Well if you have been keeping up, this is no friggin’ surprise.

But like all things, there is a work around to Big Brother’s antics.

Remember, A Civilian Operator’s Cyber skill-set in the 21st Century are just as, if not more important than being handy with a gun.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!