Goat Rodeo Gunfight


From Florida once again, a group of other than white thugs decide to blast it out with Police and a Goat Rodeo ensues.

Not sure what the point value is for a hopping black thug with a jammed AR Pistol but it has to be high?

This was a tough situation for the cops with the thugs having a INFANT in the car but thankfully at End of the Day we got a wounded cop who is expected to recover, an unharmed infant and a Dead thug so it’s a win.

The Illegal Invasion Continues: 60,000+ Haitians, plus 52 ‘known terrorists’, in new migrant caravan headed for Texas



2 Dead, 13 Wounded in Mass Shooting at Memphis Kroeger Supermarket

2 Dead,13 Wounded In Mass Shooting at Memphis, Tennessee Kroger Supermarket



Haitian Mystery Flights

H/T Border Hawk

Government Financed Illegal Importation of Illegals