Know Your History: The Teutonic Terrorist Panic of 1917

The Teutonic Terrorist Panic of 1917


History is a circle not a straight line.

The “domestic terrorist” ploy has been used by every tyrant from Wilson to Lincoln.

Learn from it and Adapt Accordingly.


A Win for Common Decency

Federal court strikes down “transgender mandate”

If there was ever something that personified “Willing extinction” and “Moral decay” of a society it would be the transgender mandate.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


Defensive Training Group Deplatformed

The bastards are coming for all of us eventually, violent or not, we are the opposition and don’t buy into the party line so we are the enemy.

Midwest Pistol Combat Systems

The endarkenment continues to accelerate. I guess last night/this morning at some point WP de platforms for DTG, which was a great blog, I very much enjoyed, commented on and reblogged. DTG was in my opinion by no means a radical at all. His blog was not at all inflammatory, and it did not promote violence in any way. I have no idea what they TOS’d him for, but we should definitely be worried. If they did it to DTG then my days on this platform are certainly numbered. It’s just more control of the narrative, more in-personing, dehumanizing behavior by the left. First it’s digital ghettos, then actual ghettos, then ‘enlightenment’ camps… You get the idea. Just like the election ahem selection, this is about more than right v left, for you leftists out there they are disenfranchising you too, you just don’t know it because you think you’re…

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In Mexico, Women Take the Front Lines as Vigilantes

Mexican Women Vigilantes


If you have not seen the documentary from 2015 Cartel Land, I recommend it.

The situation is untenable right now if you are a civilian living in certain parts of Mexico.

These cartels virtually INFECT every strata of society.

When your Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement are all too lazy or too corrupt to do anything, Only one course of action remains.

To Fight.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Another Brown Invasion?

Hondurans Hope to Storm Border in Honor of Biden


Another Soros Subsidized Brown Invasion Politically Timed for the Destruction of America.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!