Black on White Violence Statistics Skewed (Example #10,567)

Black Thug beats 68-year-old man senseless in broad daylight


How Not To Fight Leftist Deconstruction

From my Fellow Bard in Arms, F.C. Fox.

Open Air Insane Asylum

Any value that used to be derived from pointing out ‘liberal’ hypocrisy is long gone. Yet there remains a well-established industry of grifting ‘conservatives’ who have never conserved a single thing but manage to collect money for ‘trying.’ The gate-keeping midget, Ben Shapiro, has cornered the market on ‘center-right’ communication on Facebook. This is by design; that little fella helps the left attack and destroy anyone with hard-right, Nationalist views. As another example, I would rather watch the grifter Candace Owens twerk than hear her political opinion on anything relating to me and my people. And I hate twerking.

For fifty years or more, the chief function of the fake, hypocrisy-identifying ‘right’ in mainstream American politics has been to ankle-bite the leftists as they continue their long march through our now-destroyed institutions.

So, if I am arguing that this should no longer be permitted (through shaming and ignoring or other…

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Knowing is Not Enough

A good strong dose of REALITY.

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Many men have come to realize the culprits behind the decline of our society. Many more men have come to accurately identify many of the issues we face as a people. How many times have you had a private conversation with another White man and realized he sees the world much like you do? I am sure that this is something we have all experienced. There are a lot of men who just know.

Knowing is Not Enough – Mannerbund

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