Know Your Weapons: The SKS Carbine is Still Viable After a Quarter Century

The SKS Carbine is Still Viable After a Quarter Century


For the doubters out there my kids when they were 12 years old could hit 5 gallon buckets with open sights at three hundred yards with every flavor of SKS: Norinco, Russian and Yugo.

That’s minute of man accurate packaged in a tough, dependable rifle.

Nuff’ said.

Know Your WW2 Weapons: Japanese Arisaka Type 99 Rifle

Really enjoyed this informative run through on this gun.

It’s funny, I had always heard negative things about the Arisaka but never owned one. Lesson learned: Never discount a weapon because of urban myth or cultural bias! You could be missing out!


The Curio and Relic 2 Gun Competition!

I thought this was a fun watch.

Not so long ago I ran a similar course we named “World War 2 Two Gun”

First we ran with it with Wermacht Issue: K98 Mauser and a P-38. Second time we ran it with the U.S. Loadout:  M1 Garand and the GI Issue 1911 .45.

As predicted my time was slightly better with the Garand versus the bolt action K98, but not by much. You have to remember that both rifles reload by stripper clips and that was what slowed me down on both rifles.

If you drill enough with the K98, you can become really EFFICIENT on it, and by that I mean finding the right balance between speed (working the bolt) and accuracy (letting the front sight post come to rest on your target with a 6 o’clock hold.)

Oh yeah we didn’t do the Kettle Bell thing…

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Know Your Cold War Weapons: Czech VZ-52

While perusing Royal Tiger Imports C&R section the other day to see if on the off-hand chance they had any decent M1 Carbines left (they did not of course) I ran across a VZ-52 Rifle.


This is a nice peculiar addition to any Cold War Collection to be sure.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


CMP Set to Open Second Round of 1911 Pistol Orders in Early 2021

CMP Set to Open Second Round of 1911 Pistol Orders in Early 2021


Back in my good ole’ serious gun collecting days, I purchased numerous M1 Garand, M1 Carbines and M1911 Pistols from CMP and never had one issue with the purchase process or the firearm.

The fact that those firearms will one day be passed on to my kids and eventually God willing, my grandkids, fills me with an immense satisfaction that is hard to describe.

You see when you support the CMP you are in fact not only supporting and defending the Second Amendment but also ensuring it’s legacy and the legacy of these amazing firearms lives on by giving these weapons a  “Forever” home!

Do your part and purchase a firearm (or two) from CMP Today! You won’t regret it, I assure you.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!