Clown World Bulletin: The Agenda to Normalize Crazy Continues

Major Airline Allows Male Staff to Wear Skirts


In a bid to become “the most inclusive airline in the skies,” British Virgin Atlantic scrapped rules on Wednesday requiring its staff to wear gender-specific uniforms. This means male personnel may now wear red skirt suits to work.

The company, which is owned by billionaire Richard Branson, announced that it would update its gender identity policies to “champion individuality,” enabling its employees to wear clothing that “expresses how they identify.”

In addition, Virgin Atlantic has updated its “trans inclusion policies,” entitling members of this community to time off for medical treatments related to gender transition, and allowing them to choose changing and shower facilities.


Have you noticed every time one of these Woke Corporations make a big announcement like this without fail it always ends with an overt Violation of Other people’s rights in the “fine print?”

I mean allowing a mentally unstable person to choose what changing (bathroom) and shower facilities they use openly Violates my Right to Privacy, but that’s OK because the rights of these people are now more important than the rest of us normal people, right?


This is Cultural Marxism in it’s most complete, under-handed form and it needs to be stamped out.



Another Racial Hoax Foiled

Another Racial Hoax Foiled


The title of this article SHOULD have been “Another Lying Dindu Case Foiled” because just like Jussie Smollett and the famous Air Force Academy “Racist Graffiti” Scandal the so-called “offended party” was BLACK, not WHITE.

It’s also interesting to me that the Godmother of Rachel Richardson (the only black Volleyball starter for Duke University) is Texas Criminal Lawyer Lesa Pamplin.

Always helps to have a wealthy black lawyer in the family who knows how to sue the “deep pockets” I suppose.

Why is it every time we hear about these hoax claims it is black’s hurling the accusations?

The bedrock problem here is that black people historically love to play the victim, why?

Because historically it has always got them PAID and garnered tons of media attention (because the MSM loves a black victim story) and to black people money and fame is the #1 goal with a close second being pretending to be victims of those pesky MAGA people, who Grandpa Joe has told us are a “Clear and Present Danger” to the safety of the United States! Honk Honk!

Don’t believe me? Let’s take a walk down Racial Hoax memory lane, shall we?

Remember the Nascar Noose hoax?  How about the Oakland Lake Merritt Noose Hoax? Who could forget the fake racist graffitti at Kansas State?

And of course nobody could forget the #1 Fake racist hoax of all time (and just overall solid gold douche bag) Jussie Smollett.

What’s really hilarious to me is that while Black People love to play the Victim they also love to use the very tactics they were “liberated” from during the Civil Rights Movement such as SEGREGATION.

Yeah, you read that correctly.

In 2022 on a college campus in California, white people are being forcefully segregated with the FULL support of the College Faculty and Administration and not surprisingly, from the brain dead Biden White House, who unashamedly backs the bogus ideal of “white privilege.”

“While the Democrats and their liberal supporters battle the wave of supposed racism sweeping the nation, they harp on the advantages given to white people throughout the history of America. The idea of white privilege has only expanded thanks to the liberal left targeting the group of people they often label colonizers. Although the left might act like they want a united country, Tucker Carlson recently detailed how the Biden administration is supporting a housing building near UC Berkeley as they ban white people from common areas.”

*Next on the agenda is Hate Crime Hoaxes, so stay tuned!




The Communist World Revolution, 1917-1923

Read Twice and Circulate Extensively.


[850 words]

The Communist political strategy from 1917 to 1924 was known as “World Revolution.”

They aimed to establish a totalitarian Communist world government by scamming the proletarian masses into killing off their current ruling elites, and replacing them with a new elite of international-banker-backed Marxists and the horde of social reprobates and criminals that they called comrades.

It was a great irony that the Marxists dubbed the existing elites “bourgeois capitalist oppressors”, considering that many of the Marxists were literally members of the bourgeoisie, and that Communism in practice defaults to oppressive neo-feudalistic oligarchy (the plebs just say “m’party” instead of “m’lord”).

Anyway, almost every single European country experienced a Communist revolution during this period.

However, the World Revolution strategy was a miserable failure everywhere except Russia, which was the last country they had expected it to succeed in. The whole idea of Marxism is that Communism…

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FUSA Bulletin: No One has a Problem with Violence until the Outnumbered White Guy has a Gun

No One has a Problem with Violence until the Outnumbered White Guy has a Gun


A perfectly worded description of FUSA.

Orc Classes: Anybody other than White (Inherently dysfunctional racial groups that are the new useful Idiots of Globo-Homo)

*I was really hoping he was going to shoot those two pieces of shit, not the Happy Ending I was hoping for.



Dead White Males Being Written Out Of History One By One

Dead White Males Being Written Out Of History One By One: Founding Father James Madison Sidelined At His Own Home For The Advancement Of An Anti-White Agenda


“And yet most of the people on the right are afraid of admitting that our Founding Fathers of the United States of America, conceived in this new nation a country dedicated to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for white men of good character and their white progeny.

Either America was egalitarian anti-white from 1619, or America was a nation dedicated unapologetically to the promotion of whiteness.”

If we as PROUD WHITE MEN do not find our BALLS and neglect to stand up to this current movement of Anti-White Marxist Revisionist History, soon the REAL history of this Country will have been DILLUTED and then FORGOTTEN.

LOST in the quagmire of Political Correctness and WOKE memorandums.

Stand Up to the Rising of the Tide.