Coastal Erosion? Well, It’s Climate Change, Innit?

Climate Change Brainwashing is at Epidemic proportions.


By Paul Homewood


You will all recall this piece of junk reporting by the BBC, which claimed:

As I mentioned, I fired off a complaint to the BBC about. I have just had their first response:

Thank you for contacting us and sharing your concerns with the BBC News Website article entitled, ‘Happisburgh: The Norfolk village crumbling into the sea’.
The article focused on how coastal erosion is affecting the village Happisburgh, hearing from Nicola who’s home is at the cliff’s edge and is worried she’ll have to move as the cliff crumble. We went on to hear from North Norfolk District Council about their relocation project and a spokesperson for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.
We do report that the village is “susceptible to erosion because the cliffs are made from boulder clay which slumps when wet” and that wooden and concrete defences “fell into…

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Meanwhile Down in Kiwi Land…

New Zealand Goes Full 1984, Tells Public to Report Political Dissidents as “Terrorists”


After reading this a friend of mine that lives in NZ sent me this ARTICLE.

It appears Horse Face Jacinda plans to empty the jails and prisons to make way for all those “Enemies of the State.”

It’s the Neo-Liberal Globalist agenda in a nutshell: Set “first time” criminals free so they can go out and repeat their crimes in a more violent fashion and in turn lock-up the people that are trying to warn you that’s a bad ideal.


Creative Historical Interpretations Are Not History

Creative Historical Interpretations Are Not History


This piece goes hand in hand with my most recent essay entitled The Unappointed Gatekeepers of History.