Crime Awareness: Beware of Card Skimmers

Before you EVER Insert your Card Check the Machine Out First.

Especially at Pay at the Pump Gas Station Kiosk.

Many Times the Raghead Paki Store Owners are In on the Scam and get a percentage.

Crime Awareness: Joker’s Stash Carding Market to Call it Quits

Joker’s Stash Carding Market to Call it Quits

Good news for us decent folks: One of the largest shops for stolen credit card and identity information on the dark web is closing it’s doors.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


ATM Skimmer Installed in Under a Minute – Steals over $5K

This is how easy thieves can steal your money nowadays if you are not paying attention folks.

Remember, these skimmers can be placed ANYWHERE you use your Credit/Debit card:

  • ATM’s
  • Pay at the Pump Gas Pumps
  • Point of Sale Terminals in Convenience Stores, Department Stores

There are numerous videos and articles out there on how to spot these things but the bottom line is practicing good ole’ fashioned Situational Awareness.

Remember, if you have a doubt about something, most likely there is something amiss. STOP and think before proceeding!

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


Skimming Awareness v2.0


Two years ago, my technical staff wrote a very informative article about CREDIT CARD SKIMMING Between that time and now, the scam of skimming has exploded, contributing to the crimes of both identity theft and credit card fraud growing to epidemic proportions. The biggest reason for this explosion has been skimmers simply being more brazen, and creative, in how they get your information.

To counter this, first and foremost, the standard precautions all still apply:

  • Beware of the illegal placement of a skimming device at ANY location where you use your debit/credit card, such as: ATM’s, gas pumps, POS (point of sale) terminals in grocery or convenience stores, etc. Often, these devices may be loose or feel out of place, just be aware before you swipe your card.
  • Use RFID Cards, Protection Sleeves or Wallets to PROTECT your Credit Cards as you carry them around. Inexpensive and practical, this can protect you from the old “Passerby Skim”, where the thief simply runs the skimmer over your purse or wallet as he walks past you casually.
  • Use Prepaid Cards that are not attached to personal bank accounts. I also strongly recommend this for ANY transaction you do online.
  • Also, as a PHISHING safeguard while online, if you use PAYPAL for online purchases, you might consider attaching your account to a major credit card versus your personal banking account, as all of your major credit card companies offer much more advanced safeguards for fraud (and resolution and refund for fraudulent purchases) than most banks do.

In addition to the above, you also have to be aware of skimmers more brazen tactics, such as an employee of a department store, supermarket or fast-food chain, not only swiping your card for payment, but also swiping it again on their illegal skimmer. Just like in a self-defense situation, always WATCH THEIR HANDS during a payment transaction. Often, these people are very sublime in their tactics, distracting you with lively, engaging conversation..don’t fall for it! When money is involved, be all business! Also, this may sound very elementary, but ALWAYS get a receipt and check it before you leave, although not a typical skimming tactic, we still have to be on the lookout for just plain old cashier error or DISHONESTY!

Here is a short vid of how this all close attention to how smoothly and quickly they can swipe your card!

Stay Aware, Trust but Verify, and Stay Dangerous!