County-Comm Labor Day Gear Review


As Summer is winding down my good friends over at County-Comm have a few gagdets they wanted to show off.


Glow – Extreme Grip ( TDW ) The Door Wedge – Silicone – Gen 2


Glows all night long!

Now Made In High Durometer Silicone For Extreme Grip On Any Surface!

Create your own safe room with The Door Wedge!

In an emergency when you need to wedge a door open or even closed you now can with supreme confidence.  The Door Wedge TDW can even be combined together for additional height as needed since they lock together due to its unique dual pyramidal spiked design. The elevated ridges also adds traction when you needed it most on most abrasive surfaces.



Slide Lock Titanium Craft Knife + Spare Blades + Blade Cap Rev ( 2.0 )


*Think Incognito cutting device*

CNC & EDM Machined From A Single Block Of Titanium!

Number 11 blades are the most popluar hobby knife blade. It’s perfect for general purpose, light duty blades for trimming and cutting

Length, Closed: 1.85″
Length, Open: 2.7″
Exposed Blade: .81″
Weight: .3oz

Great for graphic artists, architects, car wrappers, designers, hobbyists, scrapbook artists, and crafters that cut paper, card-stock, stencils, film, photographs, tape, plastic, cork, wood, vinyl, cloth, leather, cardboard, foam boards and most other light-weight materials.

Includes 8 spare blades.



Survival Titanium Fishing Card – Limited Run!



14 x Hooks

 1 x Bi-Course Saw

 3 x Spoons

The Survival Titanium Fishing Card is both compact and versatile for all EDC needs in the field or at while camping. The kit is laser cut from a single sheet of Grade 4 Titanium with amazing .001mm precision for ultra smooth corners and clean design.

The kit has an adhesive backing which can be stuck together to a credit card to make the kit completely blend in with your wallet if ever inspected. ( Check the pics for an example )


.3 Ounces – Grade 4 Titanium

3.35″ x 2.12 x .024″

Includes an adhesive neoprene backing so you can easily use any tool you need from the kit and put it back for future use.

Comes Polybagged


Covert Titanium Lock Pick Manipulation Card


 Gen 2: Now clearly notes “Titanium” which is laser-etched, on the front center based numerous customer requests

The Covert Titanium Lock Pick Manipulation Card is both compact and versatile for all EDC needs in the field or at home. The kit is laser cut from a single sheet of Grade 4 Titanium with amazing .001mm precision for ultra smooth corners and clean design.

The kit has an adhesive backing which can be stuck together to a credit card to make the kit completely blend in with your wallet if ever inspected. ( Check the pics for an example )



Titanium Lighters By Maratac ~ Gen 2


New & Improved

1. Now has improved precision insert with easily replaceable wick
2. Spare parks kit ( 1 x spare wick, spare o-ring & 3 x flints included  )
3. High Detailed Laser Etched Trident Bottom
4. New super high absorption wicks for easy ignition
5. Includes Titanium Nano Split Ring

Titanium 6AL4V series titanium grade 5 (heat colorable) can be easily customized
(titanium is often referred to as God’s metal)

  • Removable Solid Brass lighter insert allows it to be used as a waterproof pill vial

  • All Peanut Lighters™ are made exclusively by CountyComm

  • Comes with Spare Flints

Make sure to keep one in your: First Aid Kit, EDC / Prepper Bag, Car, Kitchen, Backpack…

**Remember you will always need a knife and fire to survive in the wilderness.**



County-Comm Spring 2022 Product Review


My good friends over at County-Comm have a few products they wanted to show off.

Please be Good Patrons and visit their amazing site today.

I have been doing business with these guys for a LONG time and the quality of their gear is unsurpassed.


Jumbo Parts Tray-Armorer-Non-Slip

Honestly, what man who tinkers and does his OWN work around the house does not need a quality tray to keep up with small parts? I got mine in International Orange so I can spot those small parts easily! As I have gotten older I have found I need to stack the odds in my favor any chance I get! 😎


Compact Trauma Shears (Gen 3) by Maratac

I have reviewed Maratac Shears before but these are the new Gen 3’s and are AMAZINGLY sharp and compact (5.75″ long). Seriously at this price you need to have a few of these. One in your Go-Bag, One in your VBOB and one for the House. Sharp shears are just a necessity for the practical prepper.


NFH – Neck, Face and Head Cover

The NFH Cover can be worn so many ways to provide protection to your neck face and head, Protect your face from UV, wind, cold, and those ever present judging eyes. Each NFH is made from 100% stretch spandex, making it light weight, breathable and soft. Each NFH is made extra long to give you that extra protection and wearing options.


Quick – Lock Poly Resin Hobbyist Hemostat – Gen 2

These are a must have for my fellow model hobbyist out there! The Quick – Lock Poly Resin Hobbyist Hemostats have a plethora of applications, making them an ideal addition to your workbench. Because of their unique composition, they are impervious to acid making them great to use when pickling and much more. It comes with serrated tips; giving the Plastistat super holding power without scratching, and since they are made of plastic, they may be filed into any shape desired. And, the looped handles were designed to make it easy for you to hold jewelry suspended in your ultrasonic machine, without you holding them.

Widgy Pry Bars 

Who does not piece of curved heat treated D9 steel on his keychain or in his tool chest? Seriously, I have one of all sizes of these doo-dads and have used them multiple times for everything from scraping old registration stickers off the windshield to prying loose screws and nails. Utilitarian is an understatement!


Afterburner Glow Tag

One of the things I Love about County-Comm is they are always coming out with PRACTICAL gear for the PRACTICAL PREPPER/MARTIAL MINDED CITIZEN!  These Glow-Tags are awesome for putting on any of your Survival, Prepping or Camping Gear or anything else you want to find easily in the dark. Remember folks, when you need to find something in a hurry, chances are it will be in the dark!

Prepare Accordingly!


How Long Does a Ferro Rod Last?

How Long Does a Ferro Rod Last?


When was the last time you practiced starting a fire FROM SCRATCH with just a Ferro Rod, striker and some tinder?

A good Ferro Rod and Striker, like this one from County-Comm, is worth it’s weight in gold.

I also keep a sandwich bag full of dryer fluff (that stuff on your dryer filter) stuffed inside a couple of cardboard toilet paper rolls for tinder in my GO-Bag. If available, it’s also smart to keep some lighter pine handy with your tinder.

Gear Reviews: 4 New County-Comm’s Prepper ‘Must Have’s’

Mike over at County-Comm sent me another batch of Four awesome pieces of Prepper gear I wanted to share with you guys.


Titanium Maratac AAA Flashlight Rev 4 POLISHED



For those of you that been around this blog for some time, you know how much I absolutely love County-Comm and Maratac Gear, specifically, their flashlights. One of the things I love about them is their ability to use standard Alkaline batteries, like AA and AAA and combined with a Cree emitter, produce a flashlight that is as bright, versatile and durable as any brand name “Tactical” flashlight on the market that cost 3 times as much, which in my humble opinion, makes Maratac Lights one of the best lights for the prepper’s money, hands down.

This is my first AAA Maratac (My previous ones have all been AA varieties) and my first impressions are awesome.

First things first, this thing is made out of titanium and it feels amazing. The weight is like a feather (16 grams w/o a Battery and 27.8 grams with one AAA Battery. We are talking GRAMS here folks!!)  but the contour of the stipling on the surface combined with the excellent hand polishing makes it very easy to hold in the hand. This being a very small light, the way you are going to hold it was thought out very well by the designers. The front of the light where the emitter is located is larger than the back of the light where you are going to hold it. This creates a very nice tapered design which flows into a natural “choke” point in the middle. Overall for being a very small light, it is extremely ergonomic and comfortable.


The Pocket clip is sturdy and has snap so it actually is functional, meaning you could clip this to your pant, shirt or backpack and expect it to stay put. The good folks at County Comm were also thoughtful enough to also include a Glow in the Dark diffuser so you can make this little powerhouse into a handy lamp in the event you needed one, which is pretty forward thinking if you ask me.

Operation is simple. 3 Settings: Low/Medium/High. Twist the head counter-clockwise to turn on. The switch is set so that the default setting is always going to be Medium (40 Lumens) when turned on. Twist again and you get Low (1.5 Lumens) Twist Again and you get High (145 Lumens).

Something very cool I discovered that is not even mentioned on the website is the ability for MOMENTARY operation by simply pushing back on the head of the light. You can also cycle through the light modes the same way as twisting the head. A Very slick feature if you ask me.

I really like that the designers set the switch default memory at Medium and not Low, 40 Lumens is bright enough for most average flashlight task where Low (1.5 Lumens) might be OK for looking for the keyhole when you forgot to turn on the porch light but that is about it. As with all their lights, the designers installed a Glow in the Dark front O-Ring around the Reflector, so after you have it on for a bit, the O-Ring will glow when turned off so you can find it in the dark if need be.

Performance was far beyond what I was expecting for a single AAA Alkaline Duracell battery.


Inside the house looking for keys, this is the default medium setting (40 Lumens) which is more than enough to do this job and pretty much anything else you would need a flashlight for. Very nice hot spot with a subtle corona.


Maratac Peanut Stainless Steel LED Flashlight


I will go ahead and admit it to you guys: I am a Flashlight Nut. I absolutely cannot get enough of them. Ever since I was a little boy I was either playing with one or taking one apart. That being said, I have “accumulated” quite a collection since my youth, but this new Peanut LED from County Comm tops them all in terms of being unique. This is a USB CHARGED Light meaning you can charge it right from your USB port on your Laptop, Tablet or other device. For those of you thinking about the “why” of a piece of gear like this, think of any device which still has a charge after the power has gone out..mainly your laptop or tablet; as long as it has power, you have a light source. And for those of you that want to maintain a permanent way of charging that phone/tablet (and USB Peanut Light) check out the Tetra. (Which hopefully I will be reviewing for you guys in August).



For those of you out there that have actually lived through a Natural Disaster where the power has been out for long periods (one month was the longest for us and that was with Hurricane Ike in 2008) having portable light sources besides candles is NICE. This small little powerhouse has many uses, the most obvious ones right off the bat for me being that this is a USB charged light is a portable laptop/reading light and also since the designers were nice enough to install a lanyard loop, with some Emergency Orange Paracord (also sold at County-Comm) and a Dual Slider Button I made a very simple “Peanut LED Necklace”for those times when I might need a small portable light source.


This light is small enough to go anywhere but Powerful enough to do most any task you can dream up. With a Low setting of 12 Lumens and a High Setting of 145 Lumens you are basically packing the quintessential “All in One Handy” Flashlight in the Palm of your hand.

Zipper Vault Plus


OK, I already caught some flak from a family member for wanting to sport a “man purse” or God forbid, the dreaded “Fanny Pack”, but this nifty little “Vault” (notice the terminology shift there?) splits the difference between those two dreaded pieces of attire often associated with clueless Tourist asking to be robbed.


Just coming off vacation I can tell you right now how nifty a pack like this really is. First off, it is non-descript and does not draw un-needed attention. It is what I like to call “Grey Man Compatible”. Black with red-stitching is something you would find more on a technician/handyman rather than a tourist, so you can definitely check that box. It is also big enough to fit EVERYTHING you would need for a day’s outing to include ID, Credit Cards, Money Clip and all your EDC items too. The bottom of the pack is made of a Maragrip Texture, so you don’t have to worry about your things getting wet if you happen to set it down someplace damp, plus it will stay put wherever you sit it.


It has two heavy-duty zippers, which if you are a bag junkie like me, you know is a handy perk to have. The belt loops are double stitched and are big enough to accommodate  belts up to 1 3/4″. I tried out my EDC belt, a Spec-Ops Brand Better BDU Belt and it fit perfect. The designers also were thoughtful enough to include a small loop on it in the event you want to attach a carabiner and attach to your BOB or Suitcase.



Anodized Peanut Lighter XL


Last on the list is another version of County-Comm’s illustrious Peanut Lighter. I must admit, I have become addicted to collecting these handy little things like I have their flashlights. This version is their Anodized XL in a very snazzy Clear Green.


Fire is always something you need to have available, so it makes sense to have more than a few of these around. This version, the XL, is much larger than the Sntandard, has a square base so you can use it like a candle, provides up to 15 minutes of burn time and holds 5x more fuel than the standard Peanut Lighter, so it is perfect for those camping and hunting trips where you might need to start more than a couple of fires.


This thing burns like a small torch and Since County-Comm makes these right here in the U.S.A. out of Aerospace Grade Aluminum, you can remove the Brass made lighter insert and use the Aluminum Case as a Waterproof Pill Vial, EDC Storage case, Micro-Caching or if you are really in a bind, a quick field cup for a swig of water.


One of the nice features on these XL Lighters is the lanyard hole so you can tie a hank of paracord through it to keep up with it. Here I used some of the Emergency Orange and a dual slider button to make a quick, simple wrist or neck lanyard.

So there it is guys, 4 Pieces of Very Cool Prepper Gear to add to your BOB. Visit Mike and Company over at County-Comm today and be sure and tell them you saw their stuff at HCS!

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!



Gear Review: County-Comm’s Cage Pocket LED Light



It is often said it is the smallest things that can make the biggest difference in an emergency situation. Packing that pair of jumper cables before that road trip or that extra bundle of toilet paper perhaps. But it goes without saying that having a small and inexpensive light source wherever and whenever you need it is not only practical and helpful, in an emergency situation it is downright MANDATORY! and once again the good folks at County-Comm have provided a solution.

The Cage Pocket LED Light is one of those devices that exemplifies the word “utilitarian” to a tee.

As the description from County-Comm’s website states:

These CAGE LED pocket lights were specially made at the request of an emergency communications group. These are not your standard pocket lights and they’re 2x brighter than previous models with a clear natural color white LED. The bright white LED causes the body to glow a natural smoky color when it is being used.

Has a locking click on / click off user friendly unterface.

( Simply press the center of the light and it stays on until you click again )

No doubt that these will be winners for Halloween and beyond.

Black Oxide Split Ring As Shown Included.

For those of you that have been through a natural disaster or maybe operated out in the field away from the power grid, you know the extreme importance of having reliable light sources on your person. The prepper mentality when it comes to lights has always been one of “spread the love” or “spread your resources” so you don’t have to depend on one light for everything. This not only goes for reliable flashlights, but also small, pocket lights like the CAGE LED. You can literally put these little boogers everywhere you think having a light source would be important, which when you start thinking about it, is a whole lot of places!

Some examples off the top of my head:

  • House Key Keychain: so in the event the porch light is not on, you are not fumbling around playing that really fun game of “I hope it fits the lock”.
  • Kids Backpacks: one because it looks cool and two, it actually can come in handy one day.
  • Bug-out-Bag..Yeah, I don’t think I need to give a reason.
  • Medical Pack: Because if you need something in this pack, you most likely don’t wan to be looking around for a light.
  • VBOB: Yeah you could change a tire by the light of one  of these if you had too!


I have a CAGE LED attached inside my Laptop Bag and it has been very handy as I am always looking for something in the bottom of my bag at odd hours 🙂



I also have one on my Range Bag. 



And what BOB would be complete without a CAGE LED on the exterior?


And one inside your Med kit too…



Overall, the best features on these is they are 2x as bright as the previous model, so they are plenty bright to do most task and instead of the momentary switches like most LED lights of this type typically have, the CAGE LED’s have the more practical  “clickable on/off switch” to truly make these hands free and more user friendly. As I said, I changed a tire with one of these at 10pm at night, so make sure you put one in your VBOB!

County-Comm has really priced these very reasonable, so there is no reason the average prepper could not pick up a couple of boxes of these.

So enough chatter, go out and get yours today and light up the darkness!

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!