Your Move, Normiecon…

Your Move, Normiecon…


“The truth is there never was much difference between the Confederates and the Founders in the minds of the Far Left.

They hate both because they represent Western civilization.

The only difference is that the Far Left realized that they could not show all their cards and needed to have some restraint, arguing first for the removal of Confederate statues and then eventually targeting the Founders.

It was all about moving the needle a little at a time.”

This is FUSA in a nutshell folks.

The “Progressives” (Marxist) are not interested in “improving” anything.

They want to DESTROY it.


Statue Of Robert E. Lee Yanked From U.S. Capitol Overnight

Statue Of Robert E. Lee Yanked From U.S. Capitol Overnight


More hypocritical cultural marxism and liberal ass kissing by blackface himself, Virginia Governor Northam.

If you have not read my treatise on this ridiculous communist trend of tearing down Confederate Statues, please take a couple minutes to read Damnatio Memoriae for the 21st Century.

Although I wrote it 5 years ago, it might as well have been yesterday it is still so relevant.

Not a good sign folks. 🤢