Armed Citizen Corner: 74 year old Good Samartian Boater Rescues Drowning Man and then is Forced to Shoot Him Dead in Self-Defense

Boater, 74, Rescues Drowning Jet Skier Twice, Then Shoots Him Dead


Talk about Life being stranger than Fiction.

It seems you cannot be a Good Samaritan in the 21st Century anymore, it’s just too damn dangerous!

Kudos to the Old Man Staying Armed 24/7.

Armed Citizen Corner: Retired Florida SWAT officer Acquitted in 2014 Movie Theater Shooting

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Retired Florida SWAT officer acquitted in movie theater shooting


Remember this shooting?

I had to go back to the 2014 Archives to find the article I wrote about it titled Becoming a Superior Gunman.

Eight friggin years for a murder trial seems excessive to me, especially considering the man on trial for murder was pushing 80?

The was an egregious TRAVESTY of Justice and another pathetic example of the “good ole’ boy network” of Law Enforcement taking care of one another.

If you go through the details of the confrontation that night in the theater, you will see that this is a clear-cut case of a retired cop’s bruised ego getting the better of him.

Verbal Provocation (even when accompanied by a thrown bag of popcorn) is NEVER grounds for deadly force. In addition, the man had 30 years of Law Enforcement “experience” which should have given him MORE self-control and good judgement than the average civilian.

Reeves should have been found guilty of Second Degree Murder and sentenced to the maximum and died alone in prison.

My heartfelt condolences and prayers go out to Chad Oulson’s widow and his eight year old daughter. ­čÖĆ

Lessons Learned From the Rittenhouse Case

Lessons Learned From the Rittenhouse Case


I think the biggest takeaway from this case other than being prepared for the legal fallout of a self-defense case in the 21st century America can be summed up with two points.


Avoid DANGEROUS Situations and STUPID People, and yes, this mean RIOTS.

Yes, I agree with the author that a 17-year old kid with an AR-15 does not need to be in the middle of a full blown riot, but in all fairness, does an ADULT ARMED CITIZEN need to be there either?

I mean unless it’s a situation where they are TRAPPED inside their vehicle or business and are in FEAR for their lives, but the fact of the matter is the law is not going to smile upon you grabbing up your rifle and going to defend your town from the lefty marxist/anarchist assholes trying to burn it down. I would agree it’s the noble and decent thing to do, and we all may find ourselves doing it pretty soon when the hammer eventually drops and the rule of law shits the bed, but right now in the present situation, legally it’s just not SMART!


I think anybody would agree that Rittenhouse tried several times to De-Escalate the situation, both VERBALLY and by RETREATING. From a legal standpoint this helped Kyle’s case IMMENSELY because it showed he was not the PRIMARY aggressor. Now I am not saying you should always by default seek to retreat from a situation before using FORCE or DEADLY FORCE to defend yourself, circumstances will dictate that, but in most cases including the often forgotten case of Jake Gardner, De-Escalation is the PRIMARY reason WHY DEADLY FORCE was JUSTIFIED. As with Rittenhouse, the aggressor was intent in their mission to harm Gardner, thus, he had no choice but to shoot him. The only difference was Gardner shot a black thug instead of three white ones like Rittenhouse and we all know what that means in Woke FUSA.

Train Often and Realistically, it’s the only way to stay Prepared!

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Being on the Defense Versus Being on the Attack

WATCH: Woman Opens Fire, Shoots Attackers in Pennsylvania Walmart


This incident is a good lesson to Armed Citizens everywhere.

First, it is important to point out that although the MULTIPLE attackers were UNARMED, legally, a person has the right to use DEADLY FORCE when they are OUTNUMBERED or a DISABILITY or AGE puts them at a Disadvantage. This is called DISPARITY OF FORCE.

Secondly, In the litigious society in which we live, it is not enough to PROVE you acted in Self-Defense, you must also PROVE that your COUNTER-ATTACK did not go past the point which is considered Legally Reasonable.

In the video you will see the Defendant fire numerous rounds at the attackers as they were FLEEING.

Can’t Do That.

As Armed Citizens, this is a VERY difficult situation to train for because of the chaos and adrenaline of combat.

Suffice to say it is better to learn from other peoples mistakes than make it Yourself.

That is called WISDOM!

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Self-Defense Cautionary Tales: Is a $16 Hatchet Worth It?

Use of Deadly Force Against Shoplifter Stealing A Hatchet – Case of the Week


When it comes to carrying a Firearm for Self-Defense, I think trainers as a whole DO NOT emphasize the LEGAL implications enough for fear of scaring people away from obtaining their Concealed Carry Licenses.

Regardless, you have to emphasize to a citizen RIGHT FROM THE START that when they decide to carry a firearm for self-defense they are signing up to fight for their life TWICE: Once on the street in the actual encounter and Twice in the Courtroom to defend their actions. (I know I say this a lot, but it truly is a genuine piece of WISDOM in this upside down litigious society in which we live!)

Bottom line here folks, a $16 Hatchet is not worth a human life. Neither is your wallet or your wife’s purse for that matter.

It would have been different if the guy had the hatchet it in his hand and was threatening the guy, but that was not the case.

All he was doing was attempting to flee with stolen merchandise. $16 worth of stolen merchandise that if you did the math according to most State’s Penal Codes would amount to┬á Shoplifting, which is a Class B Misdemeanor in most states.

Know the Law, Know your Rights, Act Accordingly or Go to Jail.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!