Antifa Intel Report

Antifa Intel Report



If there is one thing to re-emphasize in these dangerous times it is to ALWAYS stay CURRENT about enemy activity in your neck of the woods.

“It would be fairly easy to dismiss this group as a bunch of 20 something soyboy cucks who are cosplaying the revolutionary role while still living at home with mom and dad. That would be a mistake. While it is accurate that they are a bunch of man-children who still live at home and have no real career, this group is much more than that.

They have organization, a decent command and control network, funding enough for travel, attorneys, equipment, and an extensive propaganda network. Their members are motivated and becoming better equipped and trained by the minute.”

MLK: Communist Revolutionary, Plagiarizer, Degenerate

Know your History.

The American Citadel

Martin Luther King, Jr. was a communist. You will never see that printed in an Establishment textbook, heralded in the controlled press, or mentioned in one of the numerous whitewashed MLK documentaries on the History Channel. Yet, despite officialdom’s deliberate cover-up of King’s communist activities and affiliations, the truth is that this so-called hero was actually a communist agent who worked to subvert our Republic.

King is today praised by many people as a literal prophet. He is seen as a visionary and a man of God. Even those who do not have any particular love for MLK consider him as a great social reformer – a man who fought for justice and opposed racism and discrimination. This deceptive image has been carefully crafted by the powers-that-be who are giddy that the American public has accepted King as a martyr. But just who was King, what type of person was…

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Win For Antifa, Warning For The Free West

I would add this caveat: Yes, we THE PEOPLE have been watching and taking notes and when the time comes, Traitors and Communist WILL BE hung eventually from the tallest tree with the shortest rope. Hell we may even bring back the Guillotine for the high profile Traitors, who knows.

Vermont Folk Troth

Alinsky’s strategy is to turn every event to a political advantage, & that is what Antifa did with the death of George Floyd. Whereas the Black Lives Matter group exists as an organisation rooted in Cultural Marxism and Critical theory, there were people at their demonstrations who felt genuinely aggrieved by the circumstances of Floyd’s death. Antifa on the other hand merely saw it as an opportunity.

Of course the whole “unfair treatment of blacks by police” narrative is a hoax, as are most examples of critical theory that are given currency and faux legitimacy by the corrupt fake news media. The facts on why it is a hoax are well covered elsewhere. What is more important here is the success of Antifa, in using the Floyd death so effectively. The riots, the looting, arson & destruction instigated by this group were merely a muscle flexing exercise. A dry…

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