Clown World Bulletin: The Agenda to Normalize Crazy Continues

Major Airline Allows Male Staff to Wear Skirts


In a bid to become “the most inclusive airline in the skies,” British Virgin Atlantic scrapped rules on Wednesday requiring its staff to wear gender-specific uniforms. This means male personnel may now wear red skirt suits to work.

The company, which is owned by billionaire Richard Branson, announced that it would update its gender identity policies to “champion individuality,” enabling its employees to wear clothing that “expresses how they identify.”

In addition, Virgin Atlantic has updated its “trans inclusion policies,” entitling members of this community to time off for medical treatments related to gender transition, and allowing them to choose changing and shower facilities.


Have you noticed every time one of these Woke Corporations make a big announcement like this without fail it always ends with an overt Violation of Other people’s rights in the “fine print?”

I mean allowing a mentally unstable person to choose what changing (bathroom) and shower facilities they use openly Violates my Right to Privacy, but that’s OK because the rights of these people are now more important than the rest of us normal people, right?


This is Cultural Marxism in it’s most complete, under-handed form and it needs to be stamped out.



Why Is New Legislation Needed To Stop Antifa Blocking Roads?

Why Is New Legislation Needed To Stop Antifa Blocking Roads?


I have an ideal.

Instead of adding to the seemingly endless amount of LAWS that are created (which these criminal marxist POS do not obey anyway)

I say we begin using a very simple solution: The Gas Pedal.



It goes hand in hand with Pinochet’s Epic “Commie Disposal” Helo Technique:



Keep America’s Highways Beautiful!

Run Over a Communist Today!


American Apostate

American Apostate

I highly recommend reading Ernst Junger’s Forest Passage to understand the right mindset for how to think and behave in relation to a regime.

Here is a free PDF, you have no excuse.

Anti-Communist Book of the Month

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich


While you are here it would not hurt to re-read one of the best articles Revolver has written in the past few years, Are You Ready to be an American Kulak?


FUSA Bulletin: This is What Liberal Black Leadership Get’s You

Wakanda Isn’t Real: In 83% Black Jackson, Mississippi, City’s Primary Water Treatment Fails and Water Service Stops

This is about par for the course when you put marxist blacks in charge of anything or when you Put your Faith in ANY type of Government (Local, State or Federal) to “Take Care of You”.

Answer: It turns to Shit in a Hurry.

Take a look at any East Coast Shit Hole run by Liberal Black’s and Brown’s and the story is Always the same: Anarchy and Bankruptcy!

Never Trust Government to take care of You, Especially Marxist Blacks who would gladly rather poison White People than Govern them.

Quote of the Day:

“You can’t maintain a First World infrastructure with a Third World population.”

Make no Mistake Folks, this is all Part of the Globalist Plan to Destroy this Country Brick By Brick.

I mean what better way to initiate a collapse than put Inept, Entitled, Woke Blacks in Charge!

Prepare Accordingly!