The Military Agenda is Crystal Clear

Navy expands boot camp to sharpen focus on ‘character issues’


“The Navy is adding two weeks to boot camp this year in a major overhaul aimed at improving recruits’ war fighting and emergency skills while also focusing on suicide prevention and character issues such as sexual assault, hazing and extremism in the ranks.”

Don’t let this smoke screen fool you, this extra two weeks is not about ‘Warfighting” skills, it’s about making good little obedient comrades that will toe the WOKE line.


The Golden Road to Unlimited Socialism

The Golden Road to Unlimited Socialism


My good friend Concerned American at Western Rifle Shooters Association recently wrote to Vlad and me. He wanted to ask our East Bloc contacts who grew up under communism the following question:

“What lessons, if any, can be taken from the collapse of the Soviet Bloc and applied to those of us stuck in the upcoming fall of the US Bloc?”

Vlad and I forwarded his message to a number of our translators who have experienced communism. Four of them have replied so far, and more are expected. I’ve collected the first group below.

I expect WRSA and Vlad to mirror this post, and will add an update with links for the mirrors when they appear.

Your Move, Normiecon…

Your Move, Normiecon…


“The truth is there never was much difference between the Confederates and the Founders in the minds of the Far Left.

They hate both because they represent Western civilization.

The only difference is that the Far Left realized that they could not show all their cards and needed to have some restraint, arguing first for the removal of Confederate statues and then eventually targeting the Founders.

It was all about moving the needle a little at a time.”

This is FUSA in a nutshell folks.

The “Progressives” (Marxist) are not interested in “improving” anything.

They want to DESTROY it.


Here We Are, Imagine Where We Will Be!




An Example of Subtle Homefront Marxist Propaganda

H/T American Partisan


While China Prepares for War:


Their Marxist Proxies here in the U.S. Military make sure plenty of “Cooperative” Historical Propaganda is printed. (Take Note this story was in the Military Times, not The Atlantic or WSJ!)

World War II US veterans recall flying aid to China


Keep your eyes peeled for more GARBAGE like this.

Supporting and Aiding China in 1943 and 2021 are not even similar conversations.

The Battle Lines are being drawn.

Don’t find yourself on the wrong side of Marxist collaboration when the hammer drops.