Why You Should QUIT The News


Best article I have read this year, hands down. FYI: It’s a LONG read, but take the time and read it and also explore the links at the end.

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A Modern Look At Guerrilla Radio Equipment

Good Stuff from Brushbeater.


Watching a recent media piece on the FARC, I noticed a few shots of their radio equipment they were using to communicate between camps. Look familiar? Its a Yaesu 817 being run from a Sealed Lead Acid battery. Here’s a better shot: Interesting layout by one of their RTOs: The old 817 appears to be […]

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When To Trust A Story That Uses Unnamed Sources

When To Trust A Story That Uses Unnamed Sources


A Good read in the current fake news climate in which we live.

Let us not forget that one of the KEY TACTICS of Fourth Generation Warfare (4GW) currently employed by countries such as Russia, China, Iran and North Korea is the use of Misdirection/Disinformation via the “Media.”

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How Search Algorithims Manipulate You


A recent article about how Google and YouTube Search Algorithims are manipulated got me to thinking.

So I emailed a good friend of mine, Mr. A, with my concerns. Mr. A works on the security side of the IT industry.

Here is what he had to say:

Technology and information warfare have reached a new stage of sophistication. Not only is psychology optimally ‘weaponized’ in the way information is presented, but carefully crafted ‘profiles’ are used by companies like Google, YouTube, Amazon, and Facebook along with numerous ad tracking companies to show you advertisements that are the most likely to influence you.  If you, for example, put a search term into Google on your computer and look at the results, you will see a certain list in a certain order. If you do the same thing in a public library or on a computer at work with the identical search terms, there will be a different set of results. This is profitable for marketing purposes, but it can be used to suppress information as well.

The problem is that you don’t know what you aren’t being shown, and Google is making the decision on what you are to see! You are not being given an equally distributed set of information, but rather a curated subset of information. Twitter does ‘shadow banning’ where tweets from influential conservatives simply do not appear in the timeline of those that follow them. Again, you don’t know what you aren’t being shown, and so it is difficult to know when you have been presented incomplete information.

Additionally, disinformation campaigns are constantly being launched by extremist groups, corporations, and foreign nations aiming to flood the internet with information that confuses and divides people. Because it takes 10x more effort to refute a lie than it does to spread a lie, disinformation floods social media with disconcerting effectiveness. It’s not just about political elections either. Russia was recently caught spreading disinformation about vaccines of all things.

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Thought Crime at an All Time High!



I don’t know about you folks, but When things like this happen it only strengthens my resolve to be more independent and self-sustaining.

I strongly encourage all of you to take the authors advice and seek training not only in communications, but every other martial/prepper skill set.

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Comm Corner: Emergency Communications – Make the Right Call

Florida public



In today’s tech saavy, cellular/cyber world you might get a funny look if you use the word landline.

That is exactly the point of this article.


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The Surveillance State: The Government’s Largest Private Domestic Spy Agency is a Corporation


AT&T Is Spying on Americans for Profit, New Documents Reveal

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Most all of the U.S. Cellular Carriers have been working with the NSA and Uncle Sam to one degree or another since the passing of the Patriot Act in 2001, but With AT&T quickly becoming another fat, bloated tech monopoly like Microsoft, it did not take long for Uncle Sam to offer them a seat at the head of the table.

Being the Government’s bitch has its perks of course.

Besides getting filthy rich not only from their exorbitant rates but also from the Govt. paying them with OUR OWN TAX DOLLARS, All those pesky FCC problems magically disappear as does any Congressional or Senate investigations into the legality of mergers, the possibility of monopolies and price-fixing/gouging.

Let’s not forget, AT&T “assimilated” Direct TV recently, so that means they just don’t have your comms, but they also have your viewing habits. How Nice.

Just recently AT&T announced that if you are a Direct TV customer, you are eligible for their latest promotion where you get a “Free” I-Phone 7 with a 2 year agreement. So as you can see, not only is AT&T taking full advantage of the latest Samsung “Your Samsung Galaxy Phone might blow up at any minute and catch on fire” scare, they are also hard at work getting as many AT&T phones and data plans (ie spy transceivers) into the hands of as many Americans as possible.

Something tells me it will work.

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(Authors Note: Just for full disclosure, I found out the AT&T promotion I mentioned above only applies to customers who  are moving (or porting their number) over from another carrier. It does not apply to just you average joe with no service.)