Know Your Weapons: The M60, A Cold War Classic

M60: Its Purpose, Mechanics, and Development


Two scenes come to mind for the venerable M60: The first is one of my favorite childhood movies of all time, First Blood. Watching John Rambo eradicate that town in Washington with that M60 he swiped out of the back of the deuce-and-a-half was pure poetry!

The second was Full Metal Jacket and my bro Animal Mother charging headlong into the breech.




Know Your Weapons: Carl Gustav m/45B (Swedish K)

I remember the first time I heard about this gun was when I read John Plaster’s outstanding book about MAC-V-SOG in Vietnam, Secret Commando’s: Behind Enemy Lines with the Elite Warriors of SOG.

If you enjoy Military History, I highly recommend this book.

Plaster is the real deal, having written one of the foremost books on Rifle Marksmanship as well, The Ultimate Sniper.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!