Morning Laugh

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Old school Irish comic Dave Allen tells a joke about how Homosexuality can gradually seep into a society and eventually be accepted as “normal” and “compulsory”.

Like all of Allen’s work it is not only funny, but partially prophetic and thought provoking as well.

Just consider for a moment how Homosexuality has gradually chewed it’s way into American society and culture in the past 50 years.

When you open the door to deviancy and ungodliness, where does it end?

Mark my words: In another ten years pedophilia will be normalized and shown openly on television.

Sound Crazy?

Yeah Welcome to Godless Clown World.




Clown World Bulletin: The Colorado Gay “Mass Shooter” was the Grandson of a Republican!


It never fails.

Every time there is a shooting of some protected minority class like sodomites and tranny’s they immediately start trying to tie the shooter to the most evil force in the universe for purple-haired bathroom confused marxist: Straight White Male Conservatives in order that they might disarm the populace with further anti-2A, Unconstitutional Gun Legislation.

Grandfather of ‘Colorado gay bar mass-shooter’ is MAGA California lawmaker who hailed January 6 riots, as it’s claimed ‘killer’ evaded red flag law despite threatening mom with bomb


Have you ever seen a more anemic, weak attempt to tie two things together than this bullshit?

Brace Yourselves, because this is just the beginning.