10 Key Tips to Clearing Corners That May Save Your Ass

10 Key Tips to Clearing Corners That May Save Your Ass


For the armed citizen, knowing how to properly and safely “Clear your Home” room by room, is an integral skill-set.

I recommend practicing clearing your house at least once a month with a “dry run” (unloaded weapon when everybody is out of the house) to maintain the edge.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


Squad Organization

Von Steuben Training & Consulting

One of my biggest goals for the classes that I teach and the articles that I write is to get patriotic Americans in the mindset of working with others in a team. A key element of this is learning how to task-organize a group into an effective squad, which is something I cover in the Team Leader Class. In this article I will discuss considerations for organizing a squad of volunteers, list some common billets for specialized roles and duties, and present my proposed “Jäger Squad” model for the modern American Minuteman.

Cognitive Load Theory (How Many Men can a Squad Leader Control?)

Our brains are like computers. A computer has a limited amount of processing power and can only handle so many tasks at once. If you overburden a computer with too many tasks, it will slow down considerably and do none of the tasks efficiently (or…

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The Five Elements of Lawful Self-Defense

The Five Elements of Lawful Self-Defense


I will never forget something a good friend of mine told me that lawfully defended himself in a self-defense shooting over a decade ago:

“The REAL fight for your life begins after the shooting stops.”

Concealed carriers should know the five elements of self-defense that are vulnerable to attack and have at least a fundamental understanding of each. Those five elements are:

  1. Innocence

  2. Imminence

  3. Proportionality

  4. Avoidance 

  5. Reasonableness

FUSA Bulletin: Another Typical Day in Lovely FUSA


You can watch the full unedited video from Revolver HERE.

Not sure of the entire backstory of this altercation but the guy in the Black Shirt, Marcus Conway, has already shot the guy in red once in the chest and is now wrestling for the gun to finish him off.

Conway is a convicted felon just released from Prison five months prior on Assault, Carjacking and Illegal Possession of a Weapon, go figure.

You will also notice the Police are nowhere to be found during this Attempted Murder on a City Street in Broad Daylight.

Remember: You are On Your Own Out There.

Bottom Line: I am all for being a Good Samaritan but approaching an armed felon with nothing but a half-ass flying kick and a cell phone is STOOOPID!

Arm Yourself and Get Some Training! It’s a Jungle Out There!