nCoV-2019 Economic March Around the World

Three B’s: Beans, Band-Aids and Bullets.

Make Sure you Got Plenty of All.


As I posted on February 3, 2020 in the article titled, The Sneeze Heard in Wuhan City China – Felt Economically Around the World nCov-2019 may not affect the USofA medically as spring approaches but it will most likely affect us economically. As predicted things are starting to go sideways, Apple just revalued their profits…

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News and analysis on Coronavirus

A Good, solid summary without the inflated fear vernacular.


As of February 4th, China is reporting almost 21,000 cases with about 430 dead. This increase in both infected and dead is a significant increase in just a few days. The CDC is now reporting 27 countries with confirmed nCoV cases. As of right now, all of the deaths from nCoV have occurred in China, except for…

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It’s not time to panic about the Coronavirus

My advice remains the same:

Keep your Powder Dry and your nose in the wind.

Don’t buy into fake news hysteria.

Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Exponential Worst.


The recent outbreak seems to have started in late December of last year, and has accelerated to the point now where confirmed cases have also been located in Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Nepal, France and the United States.

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Coronavirus: Death Toll hits 41 as Doctor Dies from Virus in China

Coronavirus: death toll hits 41 as doctor dies from virus in China

More than 1,280 infected and 18 cities in lock down as officials try to stem spread of virus which has reached Europe, the US and Australia.

Keep your Ears Open and Prepare Accordingly.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

China: People Collapsing On Streets From Pneumonia

Corona virus could very well be the next pandemic. Educate yourselves, prepare accordingly.


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  • 7 Chinese cities, 23 million people, effectively under quarantine
  • Multiple cases across the world – from Scotland to Singapore and USA
  • Minimum 653 Infected according to Chinese officials (Mainland China: 639 Taiwan: 1 Macau: 2 Hong Kong: 2 Vietnam: 2 Thailand: 3 Singapore: 1 Japan: 1 South Korea: 1 US: 1)
  • Minimum 18 Dead (following 1st death outside Wuhan)
  • WHO says “not the time to declare a global health emergency”
  • Patient in Texas recently traveled to Wuhan

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