Importing Looters

Another Illegal Alien Caught Looting In Hurricane Ravaged Florida


As if those poor people down in hurricane ravaged Florida don’t have enough to worry about, Mumbling Joe has made sure to IMPORT plenty of brown illegals to loot and pillage the State.

I have said this many times before but we need to return to the ways of old where criminals of any type, Looters, Murderers, Rapist, Pedophiles, etc. would be decapitated and their heads placed on Pikes for ALL to see.

I can Promise you the Problem would Stop Immediately.

My Advice to All Floridians: Keep Your Weapons Close and Stay Alert!



More California Crime Wave Anyone?

Sheriff says South American crime ring responsible for burglaries in wealthy SoCal neighborhoods


While the jackals in D.C. try to distract you with a smoke and mirrors routine over Ukraine and Russia, a Crime Wave is growing exponentially in California.

Don’t dismiss this just because it’s happening in the United Socialist Republik of Kalifornia either folks, just like the chimp looting, these things are spreading all over America like a bad case of the crabs.

And now just for extra fun, South American Gangs (who arrived on the Biden express pass in a Migrant Caravan no doubt) are pillaging at will.

Prepare Accordingly.

SPYCRAFT 101: The Green Beret Defector with Greg Walker

SPYCRAFT 101: The Green Beret Defector with Greg Walker


Anytime my friend NC Scout recommends something, I listen.

This podcast is chocked full of great information regarding insurgency and counter-insurgency warfare.

Listen up and Prepare Accordingly.


Narco Ambush on Cops

In that lovely Socialist Paradise of Venezuela, Heavily Armed Drug Cartels Ambush Armored Police Convoys at will.

Coming Soon to a Major City/Highway near you Thanks to Biden’s ‘America Second’ Immigration Policies.


Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


Open Borders = Pedophiles, Rapist and Terrorist! What More Could you ask For?

Convicted Sexual Predator Illegals Arrested by Border Patrol


The Age Of Sexual Consent In Mexico City Is Only 12!


CBP Apprehends Convicted Rapist Illegal in Yuma, AZ

Four people matching terror watchlist arrested at border


Be Sure and Bookmark BorderHawk, it’s a great resource for the Armed Citizen concerned about Globalist/Marxist Open Borders Policies.


Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!