Reality Check Regarding Terrorism


By Hammerhead

If you have been paying attention and not getting distracted with all the nauseating political theater in Iowa and New Hampshire, then you heard about the recent attack in Ohio where a muslim jihadist decided to attack innocent people in a restaurant with a machete. This happened in Ohio folks, not the Middle East.

Considering what is going on in Israel right now with DAILY stabbing attacks on police and civilians, one can draw a conclusion the terrorist have decided to try to KILL as many “infidels” as possible, by whatever means possible; wherever possible. This includes stabbing, shooting, running people over with vehicles, Suicide Vest, IED’s, you name it. So knowing this as armed civilians, there are 3 Primary Things we need to concentrate on:


  • NOT becoming complacent in our Overall Security Posture

Avoid the tendency to “get relaxed” in your overall Security Posture and Situational Awareness. Regardless if there has been no incidents around your home or in the town where you work, frequently remind yourself of the threats to you and your family. Active Shooter, Random stabbings, etc. Now I always tell people it is a myth that people can be in so-called “Condition Yellow” all the time where people are so “hyper vigilant” they are dropping and rolling when a car backfires! As in all things, the secret to success is finding a happy medium. Being situationally aware of what is going on around you and having an action plan is not difficult folks, we just have to make up our mind to do it NOW.


  • Stay Armed and Prepared 24/7/365 

I know I sound like a broken record, but I have to continually reinforce this fact. You gun does you no good if it is not on your person. This is why it is imperative you find a comfortable holster and concealed/open carry rig. Humans are creatures of habit and COMFORT, so if something is not comfortable, we may tolerate it a few times, but in the long run we will ditch it at the house or our vehicle to be comfortable; just the way it is. Also to expound on the “PREPARED” part: Besides having a cell-phone on you 24/7 (which almost every human on earth does). What sense does it make to carry a weapon that makes big holes without carrying the ability to plug those holes, both on yourself and other people. Having a small Trauma Kit on you with a package of Quicklot, Tourniquet, Israeli Bandage, EMT Shears and some latex gloves is not difficult to carry or use for that matter. Contributing author Mr. E offers a very handy PTK Kit HERE.


  • Learn Traumatic Injury First Aid

Specifically how to treat a knife and gunshot wound and STOP major bleeding. No realistic Self-Defense Combat training is complete without this skill-set. If you have not taken a course like this, DO IT NOW before you take another Advanced Pistol or Rifle or How to be a Uber-Mall Ninja course! There is no better example than the Israeli’s in learning how to prepare for terrorism, so check out what the IDF is doing when it comes to traumatic injury first aid.


Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!!



Carry 24/7 or Guess Right!!


For all of the unfortunate and violent stories of  incident’s I have posted of CO’s fighting for their lives to help us LEARN and therefore GROW as Civilian Operators, I think the above story can do the most good-by far. It touches on 4 skill sets that I have always felt are integral to staying realistically prepared in the violent world in which we live. Namely, 24/7 Armament, ECQ Fighting, Vehicle Combat and the “+1 Mentality”.

As you read this list, don’t just skim over the topics, take some time and reflect on each one and see how your CURRENT training and STATE OF READINESS measures up.

1. The most obvious:   CARRY 24/7!!

If there is one thing I continually harp on to my students and friends, it is always to STAY ARMED! and when I say “ARMED” I am not just referring to your handgun. Remaining in a constant state of readiness (for the CO at least), entails having everything on your person, 24/7 you would need to survive a violent, and perhaps even prolonged attack or fight.

The short list would include:

  • Extra Magazine for primary
  • EDC pocket knife
  • small fixed blade
  • flashlight that doubles as a kubotan
  • cell phone
  • small trauma kit

I know this sounds like a lot of gear to tote around 24/7, but I have been doing it for a long time now, and I can tell you right now if you are careful in your gear selection, it is not a big deal. My first piece of advice would be to look at carrying things horizontally (like your mag and fixed blade) so your pockets can be free to clip your EDC and flashlight and carry your cell and trauma kit. I am a fan of carrying my fixed blade (typically a Benchmade CBK Push Dagger or Blackhawk Crucible) clipped horizontal at 11:00, this is a very natural position and I find it very fast to access.

2. Vehicle Combat Training is not “specialty” training for the Civilian!

I always tell my students that your training needs to reflect your lifestyle. Most of split our time between home, work and the commute to get to both of them. The likelihood that a violent incident will occur at one or more of these places therefore is 33%; this story proves that probability is more than accurate. It makes sense then for the civilian to integrate vehicle combat drills into their everyday routine, not just something they touch on once in a while as a “specialty” skill set. I will be doing a series of articles to help you guys design some realistic drills, but in the meantime, when you start looking at designing your drills, don’t go “gung-ho joe” and just focus on scrapping inside the cab right off the bat! First look at PREVENTION measures that could get you “Off-the-X” rather than get you deeper into the “doo-doo”. Remember: there is no shame in retreating when your life is at stake! Remember also, you have a 2 ton, 4 wheeled weapon at your command..that trumps that little handgun on your hip everyday plus Sunday! If you spot danger, haul ass if possible! If that is not an option, then we need to look at using the vehicle as a weapon, if that is not an option, we need to address the threat BEFORE they can pin us in the vehicle cab, if at all possible, we do not want to fight inside a 6×6 ft box with empty hand or knives if possible..take my word on this (and from the guy in this story) IT SUCKS!!

3. ECQ Fighting is a street Reality

One of my favorite instructors favorite maxims was “Well, in a PERFECT WORLD I might agree with you”. Some of his best lectures started with that saying, including the one that shot down a fellow students belief in the much discussed “reactionary gap”. Most civilian combat training erroneously teaches  that the “reactionary gap” is some kind of magic distance that will keep students safe if they abide by it. The problem with this teaching, is like most “fantasy gunfight training” it is not REALISTIC or PRACTICAL. We live in a world where people get close to each other, not so close where it is uncomfortable, but definitely so close so they could hurt you. I mean come on, next time you go in the supermarket or bank, try to keep 21 feet between you and every other human being you come across…NOT GONNA HAPPEN.The above story illustrates the point perfectly: most criminals NEED TO GET CLOSE to do whatever it is they plan on doing, be that rob, rape, assault or kill you. So that begs the question, “What is the best defense then?”. The best defense is two-fold; first is AWARENESS and second is LEARN TO FIGHT UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL WITH EMPTY HAND, KNIFE AND GUN through Combatives training. Does it suck? Yeah, read the above story! Will you get hurt in the process? The probability is very HIGH, but that is the reality of staying alive in today’s world.

4. The “+1” Mentality: Predators always travel in packs

I know this a huge cliché in the training community, but this one actually holds water. Again, our above story verifies it. The guys injuries came from the dude he never saw..why? because in the stress of combat, you are focused on killing the dude in front of you..a friggin nuclear bomb could go off behind you and you most likely would keep on fighting the guy in front of you, because that is the threat YOU SEE AS MOST RELEVANT. Your mentality must always be “+1”, meaning, there is always the likelihood of being than 1 perp around, so look out for him. Second, ALL OF YOUR DRILLS need to integrate some type of “scanning” the area, and not just post-incident either, “Keeping your head on a swivel” means ALL THE TIME, not just after the threat is down or the fight is over. If you can maintain that +1 mentality and drill on breaking that “hard focus” that comes when a fight begins, you are well on your way, but like everything, it  takes repetition.

If there is a constant in the universe, it is this: No plan survives contact with the enemy.  I think the above story proves that. All we can do as responsible CO’s is to attempt to minimize every risk possible and stay prepared at all times, in every imaginable way possible. At the end of the day, any incident (ie attack on your life) that you walk away from is a good one, regardless of what you had to do to make that happen.

Stay Armed, Stay Alert and Stay Dangerous!