Crime Awareness: “Organized Crime” Looters Steal Astounding $400 Million In Goods From Target Stores

“Organized Crime” Looters Steal Astounding $400 Million In Goods From Target Stores


It never ceases to amaze me the lengths some of these so-called MSM “journalist” will go to skirt around the problem and not call a “Spade a Spade” literally.

I don’t know about you but I get tired of all the gentle euphemisms when it comes to reporting crime.

How about we just report the facts for once?

Allow me to translate the following woke “Newspeak” Bullshit for you:

“Organized retail crime has increased under the Biden administration while progressive-run cities implement social justice reform. Criminals are taking advantage of relaxed penalties for shoplifting, fueling a nationwide crime wave.

Shoplifting is a behavior not just in response to backfiring social justice reforms but also has its roots deep in poverty as high inflation crushes millions of Americans into poverty. Wage growth has been negative for 19 consecutive months, while food, energy, and shelter prices remain elevated. Working poor have drained personal savings and racked up insurmountable credit card debt to buy essential items, while some folks have resorted to stealing to survive. 

Target blamed most of the thefts on organized crime gangs. 

The thefts are so bad at the Target in Minneapolis downtown that everyday toiletries are locked behind shatterproof glass cabinets.”

Translation: The so-called “Organized Retail Crime” are primarily BLACK and BROWN felons and/or repeat petty-theft offenders with extensive criminal histories who take advantage of periods of lawlessness and chaos to steal high end electronics.

Contrary to popular liberal bleeding heart belief, these inner-city “poverty stricken” street urchins are not stealing food or clothes for their children but sixty inch 4K Televisions, Playstation Fives, X-Boxes, Macbooks and high-end Canon HD Cameras.

I mean let’s use common sense here: Do you think a national retail outlet loses $400 Million Dollars in “shrinkage” with people stealing toothpaste and baby formula?

More Tales from the Burn, Loot and Murder (BLM) Squad coming soon…



Black Nationalist Thugs Storm Nursing Home in North Carolina

Black nationalist who led dozens to storm a retirement home in search of 87-year-old Emmett Till accuser


The Burn Loot and Murder Squad have moved on from burning down cities and looting Target stores to storming Retirement Homes and threatening an elderly White Woman with lynching for a case that happened 67 years ago regarding Emmett  Till.

Imagine if the tables were reversed and a group of White Nationalist did the same thing?

There would be a public outcry of Senate Inquiries and Federal Hate Crime Charges being filed!

Just another Pathetic Example of American Racial Hypocrisy and how deeply embedded Anti-White Sentiment is rooted in Modern American culture.

Six years of BLM Killed More Blacks than 86 Years of Lynchings

Six years of BLM Killed More Blacks than 86 Years of Lynchings

It appears the “Burn Loot and Murder” Squad are Living Up to their Name!

I guess you could call this article the Ultimate “Black Pill?”






While the Press Runs Away, Americans Live Under a Deadly Reign of BLM Terror

While the Press Runs Away, Americans Live Under a Deadly Reign of BLM Terror


While we are on the subject of Black Crime Skyrocketing Across the Nation, consider these items of interest:

This last item goes right along with the current West Coast trend of Black and Brown Thugs invading Upper Class White Neighborhoods with “Follow Home Invasions” and High End Smash and Grab Jobs in Beverly Hills and Bel-Air.

It’s Obvious these Colorful Criminal POS are spurred on by BLM’s constant Anti-White rhetoric and the current Government Legal agenda to Support and Perpetuate Black Crime.

Make no Mistake the BLM Problem is Snow-Balling and is Coming Soon to a Town and Neighborhood Near You.

The Great Replacement is not a Conspiracy Folks, it’s a Crime Wave.

Arm Up and Prepare Accordingly.

George Soros-backed Louisville group that bailed out BLM attempted murdered has Commie ties

George Soros-backed Louisville group that bailed out BLM attempted murdered has Commie ties


That old saying “Scratch a Lie, Find a Thief” comes to mind with this Bullshit.

Soros has not only been bankrolling these COMMUNIST organizations that Support and Bail Out these Black Cop Murdering POS but also the Re-Election Campaigns of Judges and District Attorneys that help Murderers go free on Bail.

Like all corrupt money trails, the rabbit hole goes deep.