2A News: Trump’s Unilateral Action Banning bump Stocks is UNLAWFUL

Trump’s Unilateral Action Banning Bump Stocks is UNLAWFUL


I have said it before and I will say it again: Regardless of your position on Bump Stocks, if you are a true Patriot, you have a Constitutional mandate to OPPOSE this ban based on two things: 1. The Ban is Unconstitutional according to the Second Amendment and 2. You give an inch with your rights, the Government machine will always take a mile.

When the U.S. stops being a nation of laws governed by the Constitution and Bill of Rights and becomes a Nation governed by a bunch of Government stooges and THEIR interpretation of those laws (and yes that includes Trump) that is when I will become an OUT-law.

If you have not done so already, I urge all of you to sign the Petition to Reverse the Bump Stock Ban.

As of today’s date, 95,925 signatures are needed by January 20th.

Stand Up and Be Counted.


Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous.

Donald Trump to sign bump stock ban

There is No Upside Here Folks.

This is just another Nail in the Coffin in the Death of the Second Amendment.

Trump and the NRA screwed us with yet another Blatant Infringement to the 2A.

Watch how the NRA and other RINO’S try to paint this as a win and sweep it under the rug.



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2A News: A Foregone Conclusion on Bumps Stocks



I have always considered bump stocks a gimmick, and the entire ruckus surrounding them a ‘tempest in a teacup’, but this issue here is the PRINCIPLE of the matter. Allowing continued, blatant infringement on a document that has already been trampled on for the sake of political expediency is a dire matter for us select few who believe the Constitution and Bill of Rights are non-negotiable INSTRUMENTS OF LAW.

Is this a lead in to a Complete BAN on Semi-Automatic firearms or worse yet, a BAN on civilian ownership of firearms?

I don’t think so, but it sure is a step in the wrong direction and a surefire sign that NO GOVERNMENT OR POLITICIAN can be trusted to PROTECT our Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

That Responsibility has always fallen to the self-reliant, Armed Citizen.

Gear up and Lock and Load all you out there who have ears to hear and discernment to read the writing on the wall.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous.


The Real Cost of Banning Bump Stocks

Tiny West Texas town bears brunt of Bump Stock Ban


Regardless how you feel about “bump-stocks”, one thing remains clear: No device or firearm is “evil” within itself, it is how a PERSON USES IT that makes it either “evil” or “good”.

When all the liberal political grandstanding and virtue signaling is over and done with, the ultimate effect of banning bump stocks will have achieved very little in terms of actually stopping gun violence. What it will do though in effect is wipe out the small Texas town of Moran and have it join the hundreds of other small Texas towns that have become ghost towns virtually overnight due to industry either becoming bankrupt or deciding to leave for better tax breaks.

This is a lose-lose proposition in my humble opinion., and as a Texan I will stand with my fellow Texans from Moran and say NO to any and all  proposed bump stock bans.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!