Operation Cuba Libre : Countering the Communist Jamming

This is the first formal operation of the Radio Recon Group. There’s no memberships, just take action. The following was originally posted on AP earlier today. -NCS Announcing operation Cuba Libre! As the Cuban Government continues to block radio communication between amateurs, notably on 40 meters, I propose that all licensed amateurs engage in an…

Operation Cuba Libre : Countering the Communist Jamming — brushbeater

Brushbeater Redoubt Scout Course Review

I Highly recommend anybody wanting some useful skills for the upcoming spicy fest check out my friend Brushbeater. The guy is the real deal, BTDT and got the t-shirt and can help you sharpen the proverbial edge. Links to his Training Calendar below.

Badlands Fieldcraft

I recently attended the Scout Course put on by NCScout of Brushbeater Training and Consulting in Wyoming. This is the same class I attended last fall, except this time I was honored to be asked to be an assistant instructor.

This was a great opportunity to not only get to see the class from the instructor point of view and to help me refine my own teaching, but to also interact with more of the great Americans that have taken the responsibility to seek training. I’m always humbled by the caliber of people I meet at classes.

Bottom line up front- this class is great for anyone concerned with protecting themselves and their communities. This particular class was an improvement over the one I attended last fall, which I am really impressed by, considering that was such a good class as well. This clearly shows NCScout’s dedication to excellence and…

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Tradecraft: Setting Up a Clandestine Communication Device



Solid gold tradecraft free of charge thanks to NC Scout and AP.

Be sure and Book your Training Now at Brushbeater

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


Guerrillas in the Mist: A look back at an obscure classic

Glancing over the bookshelf there’s a number of old books that I’ve come back to over and over again through the years. Like all classics, you seem to read something new in them each time. Not necessary something you missed, but maybe things you’ve come to view another way. The wisdom that comes with age…

Guerrillas in the Mist: A look back at an obscure classic, by NC Scout — American Partisan

Cutting All Comms?


Now it appears besides social media old reliable HAM sets and operators are under attack from the Communist Swamp Creatures and their Stasi henchman in “Law Enforcement”.

When unjust people populate the corridors of power, the “Law” is just another weapon for them to execute their immoral will which always leads to TYRANNY.

Prepare Accordingly and Get some Training while you still can.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!