Handgun Bullet Penetration Through Interior Walls

Handgun Bullet Penetration Through Interior Walls


Some great practical ammunition penetration figures.

If you have not bookmarked it by now, check out my fellow Texan’s website Box o’Truth for some practical penetration testing and some great Firearms articles.


7.62x39mm Gel Test – 7 Loads Put to the Test

7.62x39mm Gel Test – 7 Loads Put to the Test


The Jello Test on seven common x39 loads.

If you ever want to get the scoop on Practical Penetration testing, check out fellow Texan and Firearms Zen Master Ole’ Painless over at the Box o’Truth.

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Civilian Operator 101: Gunfights Around Cars



Great 1hr Podcast on Gunfights in and around around Vehicles. Definitely worth a listen.

As a civilian, I have always trained to shoot in and around vehicles for a simple reason: We spend a lot of time in them. Think about it logically; Most people spend a majority of their time TRAVELLING from home to work in their vehicles, so logic dictates if something was going to happen, it might happen there.

Also, do you know what most common carry ammo does when it hits vehicle sheet metal or auto glass?

I urge you to pay a visit over to my friend Ole’ Painless over at Box O’ Truth to see some REAL WORLD practical Penetration Testing!

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