Born in a Treacherous Time is Free for 5 Days!

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To celebrate the launch of Natural Selection, Book 3 in the Dawn of Humanity trilogy, the ebook of Book 1–Born in a Treacherous Time–will be FREE on Amazon Kindle October 15th-October 19th.

When you read this first book in Lucy’s tribe’s journey and fall in love with prehistoric fiction, read Book 2 of the trilogy, Laws of Nature before the launch of Book 3, Natural Selection, on October 19th.

Then, join the launch party on Oct. 25 and find out the answers to pressing prehistoric people questions:

  1. What did our ancestors do all day?
  2. What Did Early Man Eat?
  3. What I learned from Lucy
  4. How Did Early Man Tell Time?
  5. How Smart was Lucy 2 mya?
  6. Prehistoric fiction is boring. Change my mind.
  7. How Did Early Man Count?
  8. Could an almost-blind person get around feral Africa?
  9. Does man’s unusual “wanderlust drive” explain why we spread throughout the…

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