An Easy “W”


I must have watched this movie half a dozen times growing up as a kid and like the author, yes, the ideal presented (using the U.S. Military to eradicate Drug Cartels) seemed like a perfectly legit and logical thing to do.

You see one of the MANY  problems we have in Modern America is folks do not want to admit that the REAL threat to our Safety and Security as a Nation is not halfway around the world in Ukraine but (at least for me as a Texan) is actually 490 miles away at the Southern Border with Mexico.

490 Miles driving time is roughly 7 hrs from my Front Door.

It’s called PERSPECTIVE Folks.

And the only way to get it is to remove your Head out of Your Ass.


The Cartel Corner #2: Drug War Horrors Come to Life in movie Sicario

I recently saw this movie and while I was planning on doing my own review, after coming across this article, I thought it much more educational than just another blogger movie review.-SF

Make no mistake; the new thriller in theaters called Sicario is no documentary-style production of the drug war in Mexico. It’s a movie like any other, with its exaggerations and stylistic decisions. But what makes Sicario one of the better representations of the reality that is cartel violence on both sides of the border is that it’s accurate enough to be believable—even to those well-versed in the tiniest details of this endless war.

To be sure, Sicario has its uneven points and technical errors and irregularities. But the acting is outstanding, the plotline is interesting with a few well-placed reveals, and the action scenes appear just when things start getting too slow.

The film’s opening scene takes place in Chandler, Arizona—an interesting choice for the intense and stomach-churning moments that follow, as this was the site of the first known cartel-related beheading in the US in 2010. FBI Special Agent Kate Macer is the head of an anti-kidnapping unit in Phoenix, and as a result of the carnage she witnesses in the opening scene, she volunteers for a shadowy interagency task force whose mission is to find the ultimate cartel leader responsible.

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