Cartel Corner: Mexico, The Failed State Next Door

After watching this no sane person in America (minus liberals) would still support the ideal of open or porous borders.

These guys are packing SAW’s and M240B’s folks, Military grade weaponry.

They didn’t get this stuff at some Texas Gun Shop on the Border.



Texas News: Great Replacement In San Antonio Makes Case For Immigration Moratorium

Venezuelan Immigrant: Great Replacement In San Antonio Makes Case For Immigration Moratorium

For the sake of preserving our constitutional republic, the GOP needs to take the National Question seriously.

Nothing short of a multi-decade immigration moratorium is needed to protect America from a Third World demographic avalanche.



Cartel Corner #40: Los Zetas Beheads 3 Informants Near Texas Border (GRAPHIC CONTENT)


PIEDRAS NEGRAS, Coahuila — Authorities in this border state continue to look into the gory discovery of three decapitated bodies that the Los Zetas cartel dumped in public places. The heads were found in separate locations immediately south of the U.S.-Mexico border below the Del Rio Sector.

Zeta Execution

The case began when local, state and federal authorities responded to emergency calls on Wednesday afternoon about three headless bodies that had been found at a sporting complex.

Zeta Execution

Just moments later authorities responded to a cal about a human head having been left behind on a park bench at one of the main plazas in the city called Plaza de las Culturas.

Zeta Execution

The second head was found at a sports field while the third head was found in the parking Los of the Piedras Negras HEB. Two of the bodies were men while the third body was that of a woman.

Zeta Execution

Next to the bodies, the Zetas left behind a yellow poster board with various spelling errors that revealed the following message: “So that you may continue believing in the gates this will happen to all those who support them think about things before you believe in them.”

Zeta Execution

The poster board was not signed but makes a reference to the GATES, a tactical team created by the Coahuila government that has focused on fighting organized crime– particularly Los Zetas.

Breitbart Texas consulted with investigators who have managed to identify one of the bodies. Preliminary information points to the victims having been providing information to authorities and the Zetas killing them for it.

Zeta Execution

Breitbart Texas recently reported about nine former municipal police officers who had been freed from prison even though they had been previously convicted of working for Los Zetas. This outlets consulted with authorities if the gory executions could be tied to the recent release of the former police officers. They responded they they were following all of the available investigative leads.

While the nine police officers had only been convicted of ‘hawking” or providing information to Los Zetas, the case files include various witness statements that link them to several other major crimes for which they were not prosecuted.

The case of the gory execution has sparked great concern in the area since citizens fear that Los Zetas could spark another wave of violence. In previous years Los Zetas were able to operate with complete impunity thus bringing great violence to the region.

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Cartel Corner #32: Gulf Cartel Boss and Family Murdered; Australian Surfers Murdered and Burned in Mexico


MATAMOROS, Tamaulipas — The infighting for control of the Gulf Cartel in this border city has led to the kidnapping and likely execution of a long time cartel boss and founding leader of Los Zetas. It appears his family met the same fate.

Rogelio Rolando Gonzalez Pizana better known as Kelin or Z-2 was one of the original founding members of the fearsome Los Zetas. While a body has not been found and Mexican authorities have remained silent about the case, Breitbart Texas has consulted with multiple sources in and out of law enforcement in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas. They all stated they have received information that points to Gonzalez’s kidnapping and execution at the hands of his rivals within the Gulf Cartel.

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Mexican authorities are working to confirm if two bodies recently found inside a burned out van in the state of Sinaloa are the bodies of two Australian tourists that went missing while visiting that country.

Adam Coleman and Dean Lucas, both 33-year-old surfers from Australia had traveled from Canada on a van with a third friend on their way to Mexico, Revista Procesoreported. The third friend did not go into Mexico.

The group was last seen on November 20th after they had taken a ferry form Baja California into Topolobampo, Sinaloa. The Australian tourists had planned to travel to arrive in Guadalajara Jalisco on November 21, but they never arrived.

Mexican authorities discovered a burned out van in the Sinaloa municipality of Novolato that was registered to Coleman and Lucas.

According to Proceso, the girlfriends of both Coleman and Lucas are expected to arrive in Sinaloa to oversee the legal process connected with identifying the men. According to Sinaloa authorities, the two bodies were burned so badly that DNA and dental records are needed to confirm if the two tourists are in fact the bodies from the van.

So far Mexican authorities have not publicly confirmed if the two bodies are in fact Coleman and Lucas.

Novolato, Sinaloa is part of a region called the Golden Triangle which is considered a major drug production area for the Sinaloa Cartel. Due to the area’s drug production, Sinaloa has long been considered a violent area where drug traffickers are able to operate with almost complete impunity.

Authorities have not released any information as to the motive for the surfer’s deaths.

The death of Coleman and Lucas comes at a time when the Mexican government is trying to portray an image of safety and prosperity while trying to minimize the raging violence taking place there.

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Cartel Corner #20: Infighting within Los Zetas Cartel, Mexican Military Boast “There are No Cartels in Michoacan”


CIUDAD VICTORIA, Tamaulipas — The recent execution of a top athlete at the state university in this city points to the ongoing fighting between rival factions of the Mexican Los Zetas drug cartel. Tamaulipas is the Mexican state immediately south of Texas’ Rio Grande Valley and Laredo Sectors.

On Monday evening, a group of unknown gunmen opened fire on 23-year-old Luis Gerardo Gomez Garza and his girlfriend Vanessa Toledo as they were pulling into his home, information provided by the Tamaulipas government revealed.

Gomez Garza has been identified as the captain of the football team for the Roadrunner team from the Tamaulipas Autonomous University-UAT.

According to authorities, the gunmen had been staking out Gomez’s house for more than two hours before the victim and his girlfriend pulled up. The two had gone out to eat after Gomez had returned from a football game in the Mexican city of Guadalajara.

As the couple pulled up, the two gunmen went up to them and began firing–striking Gomez multiple times while hitting the woman once.

Tamaulipas authorities have publicly confirmed that in regards to the attack; robbery or carjacking are not a motive in the crime since the gunmen did not take any valuables. The college athlete ended up dying shortly after at a local hospital.

Moments after the attack, Los Zetas set up roadblocks in the neighboring areas in an effort to track down the gunmen. Local residents confirmed that they were stopped and questioned by the gunmen on Monday night during their commute.

Breitbart Texas has also confirmed that while the Los Zetas hunted down the assassins they guarded Toledo’s home in order to prevent another attack.

Breitbart Texas recently reported on the a split within Los Zetas in Ciudad Victoria which resulted in one faction getting help from the group in Nuevo Laredo. The infighting has resulted in a rash of executions some of which have been public as one faction of Los Zetas seeks to take out the other one.

The infighting resulted in the former number two top leader for Los Zetas in Ciudad Victoria having to flee to the Texas border in order to hide from his former allies. As reported by Breitbart Texas, Mexican authorities arrested the Zeta boss known as El Jonas near one of the international bridges in Matamoros, just south of the Rio Grande from Brownsville, Texas. 

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By: Rodrigo Caballero | Translated by Valor for Borderland Beat

In Michoacán, there aren’t any drug cartels, but rather organized crime, assured the Coordinator of the Federal Forces in Michoacán, Felipe Gurrola Ramírez, while at the same time considering the word “cartel” as being relative.

During an interview, General Gurrola said that security forces in Michoacán “are migrating” to pay more attention to ordinary crimes in larger cities of the state, because he considers that the Caballeros Templarios are “dismantled.”

According to figures given by the special command, at this moment, there are 1,000 members of the Military Police patrolling the state of Michoacán of which 120 are concentrated in the city of Morelia.

Felipe Gurrola said that this deployment is independent of the thousands of soldiers that the Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA) has installed in the state, and will also only be there for a limited time until the installation of the State Police has been completed.

On the other hand, General Gurrola ensures that the Michoacán Coordination Group will have “zero tolerance” for crimes committed by security forces, such as: the abuse of authority, negligence, or torture.

Because of this, Gurrola said “I call upon the citizens, should they be subjected to abuse of any kind of an authority, to denounce it so that corresponding sanctions are imposed.”

Source: Michoacán 3.0

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