The Cut-Throat Cartel


Great read on the Jalisco New Generation Cartel and the Rise of the “Sicarias”.

Stay Frosty and Armed Folks, this CRIMINAL INSURGENCY is going on just south of the border and is a bigger threat that anything  across the Atlantic I can assure you.

The Cartel Corner #3: Re-thinking that Acapulco Vacation


Acapulco’s hotels, bars, and golden sand beaches stretch out along the entire length of the resort’s spectacular crescent-shaped bay, but their promise of unbridled fun struggles to shake off the shadow of the cartel turf war violence that is never far away.

Miguel Alemán, the city’s coastal road that connects the main tourist hotspots along the beach, seeks to separate the two worlds. The street is patrolled 24/7 by the army, navy, and police seeking to prevent the gruesome conflicts between drug gangs from reaching the tourist areas.  But Acapulco resists that invisible line.

Roger Castro owned a well-known restaurant located a block from the coastal road. When one of the criminal groups that operate in the resort demanded money in exchange for allowing him to operate, Castro went to the authorities. Two days later, on August 21, he was shot dead inside his restaurant.

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