Open Borders Do Not Exist in Nature Therefore They Do Not Exist in Societies


Crime Awareness: Venezuelan Crime Wave Incoming

Venezuela Empties Prisons, Sends Violent Criminals to U.S. Border, Says DHS Report


There has also been reports of  ‘Paramilitary Cells’ crossing over:


Rumors are circulating among Venezuelans in exile who are concerned about the arrival of Venezuelan paramilitary groups who are penetrating the southwest U.S. border, he said on Twitter last night. 

According to Colina, who previously served the Venezuelan Armed Forces (FANB, in Spanish) during the Chavez regime, when “migrants cross the jungle they tend to interact, and many of them have told others they were released from prison to come to the United States, and that they were released under this condition.” 

But it was not until this weekend that Breitbart Texas published an alleged report from the Department of Homeland Security in which it alerts border agents “to be on the lookout for inmates,” including some convicted of murder, rape and extortion because they have intelligence that dictator Nicolás Maduro is releasing inmates from prisons to send them to the United States.

“I also have information that when these people arrive they don’t come disorganized,” Colina stressed, adding that some of the immigrants of recent exodus “come with a unit commander [or] a block commander who gives them instructions. It’s not something that takes place spontaneously or that they organize on the road.”

It’s plain and simple: The Federal Government is actively supporting a foreign invasion through our Southern Border.

Prepare Accordingly.


The Ultimate FUSA Reality Check


Let’s do a recap of the Martha’s Vineyard drama, shall we?


Texas governor buses migrants to VP Kamala Harris’ residence

Yep it’s all Bleeding Heart Liberalism and Canned Speeches about “No Borders on being Human” until 48 hungry wetbacks show up on your front porch.

Kudos to Governor Abbott and DeSantis for dishing out a SMALL Reality Check to the East Coast Liberal Elite of what a majority of Texans and people who live in the Border States have to deal with EVERYDAY OF THE WEEK, 365 Days of the Year!








Texas News: A Beautiful Glimmer of White Hope!

Texas family of 5 expecting ‘1 more child’ surprised with Quadruplets


As I get older I find myself taking comfort in the simpler things in life, like a Conventional, Normal White Texas Family having loads of Beautiful, Healthy White Children, a majority of them males!

As a Proud Southern White Texan, I want to personally encourage Young White Texas Families to have more children! Why?

According to the Texas Tribune in an article published in 2019, Hispanics are outbreeding Whites at a rate of  9 to 1!

This of course is in large part due to the mass influx of illegal aliens pouring over the border daily, aided by a corrupt anti-white Communist Federal Government.

In a article from 2010 it was esimated that 81% of Hispanic births at Houston Hospitals were Illegals!


The War is raging for the Soul of our State, The Republic of Texas.

if you are White, Young and Married, do your Part and PROCREATE!!





The Cartel’s New Drug Market with Ed Calderon

You can learn more in this 27 minute video about the Cartels and the Southern Border than 27 hours with the lying MSM.

Listen Closely.

Lot of Good Intel Here.

Prepare Accordingly.