The Cartel’s New Drug Market with Ed Calderon

You can learn more in this 27 minute video about the Cartels and the Southern Border than 27 hours with the lying MSM.

Listen Closely.

Lot of Good Intel Here.

Prepare Accordingly.


Lock and Load

Texas Dept. of Public Safety: ‘This Year’s Going to Be Catastrophic’ on the Border and Worse Than 2021


He added, “And that goes to show you that there’s no plan or strategy from the federal government or even intentions to take care of the current border situation and to protect Americans from what’s taking place right now.”

There’s really not much else to say on this matter folks.

It’s Obvious The Federal Government Gangsters are intent on letting an army of brown and black third world criminal migrants destabilize this country to the point of no return.

Arm Yourself and Make No Apologies for Defending Your Family and Homestead.



FUSA Bulletin: Traitor Joe Biden Released 55K Of 164K Illegals caught in February

Great Replacement Update: Traitor Joe Biden Released 55K Of 164K Illegals caught in February


So in just one month 33% of all the illegals caught were released into the American population?

Think about that for one moment.

One-third of the entire catch.

How many of that one-third you think are murderers and rapist? How many are multiple deportees?

Recent crime statistics answer that question.

The frightening data are clear evidence that he knows what he is doing and doing it on purpose. Contrary to claims from Conservatism, Inc., and GOP strategerists, the regime is not “failing” or “incompetent.” Even if Biden doesn’t know what he’s doing, his Homeland Security Secretary, Cuban-Jewish visa fraudster Alejandro Mayorkas, certainly does.

If it were merely “incompetence,” Biden would do the right thing at least occasionally, if only by accident. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. How much longer must Mayorkas gloat about not enforcing immigration law, which is a crime, before we believe that the invasion—and the Treason Lobbyists behind it—are key part of the Great Replacement?

To the mind-boggling numbers …

Total illegal aliens caught since October 1, the beginning of fiscal 2022: 838,685.

Total released since then: 318,700

Monthly releases:

Total illegals apprehended since the first full month of Traitor Joe’s presidency: About 2.3 million.

Don’t expect the numbers for March to improve. They will keep coming as long as they know Biden will release them. As of now, every illegal has one-in-three chance to be freed to disappear.

Don’t think they don’t know that.

Prepare Accordingly.

FUSA Bulletin: English Becoming the Less Common Language in America?

New York’s Attorney General Is Calling For Emergency Alerts In More Languages


Yeah that is exactly what we need more of in FUSA Today: More Bilingual Disaster Announcements for all the illegals that refuse to learn English.

How about this: Keep the Announcements in English and FORCE the “I no Comprende” assholes to Learn it!

That way when the next big Disaster hits, all the hardheaded beaners, chinks and camel rapist that refused to Learn English will meet their demise by Mother Nature the good ole’ fashioned way: Out of Ignorance!

It’s Win Win for White People all around.



Mexico Leads The World in Child Porn Production And Distribution

Mexico Leads The World in Child Porn Production And Distribution


Insight Crime warned us about this way back in 2013.

As if we need another reason to turn that Shithole Country into a parking lot.

Whether you are talking about Drugs or Child Porn, the country and the Cartel’s they protect are parasites that feed off the demand created by the United States pure and simple.