FUSA Bulletin: America’s Coup De Grace

Even Without Lifting Title 42 Expulsions, The Border Is Still Under Siege


Each day in March, border agents dealt with 7,000 illegals every day.

Using that rough figure because border data for March are as yet unpublished, we can predict a monthly total of illegals of about 217,000.

Added to the illegals apprehended thus far, fiscal 2022’s total is more than 1 million, just six months into the year.

Since February 2021 then, Biden’s first full month in office, agents have dealt with 2.44 million illegals. Extrapolating from there is mind boggling: 3.5 million by the close of fiscal 2022 on September 30.

Biden has released between 35 and 40 percent per month, almost 320,000 since October 1. Double the figure to at least 640,000 if he keeps that up.

And now he wants to stop Title 41 expulsions?


Veteran News: Biden Says Forget The Vets, Send VA Docs To The Border To Care For Illegals.

Let’sGoBrandon: Forget The Vets, Send VA Docs To The Border To Care For Illegals.


I was wondering why my Local VA told me there was a three month wait to see my VA Doctor and I was approved to use CHOICE Community Care (CHOICE is where I can go see any Local Dr. in town and the VA picks up the tab).

Putting Illegals before Veterans who served their Country and EARNED those benefits is treasonous behavior.

FJB. 🖕



FUSA Bulletin: ICE Closing Detention Centers, Ending Detention Of Illegal Aliens Despite Statutory Requirement To Detain Them

ICE Closing Detention Centers, Ending Detention Of Illegal Aliens Despite Statutory Requirement To Detain Them


This is the solution to the deportation problem: you can’t deport any illegal aliens if they are all released into America and you also prohibit ICE from arresting those same illegal aliens.

Problem solved, amnesty accomplished.

The cost will be more than just a destroyed nation, before that is completely accomplished many thousands more Americans will die at the hands of these released illegal aliens in the short term, while the hundreds of thousands will die in the upcoming collapse of the American state in the near future caused by racial conflict and anarchy, all fine with Joe Biden and Tae Johnson.


And so the INVASION and DESTRUCTION continues and innocent Americans will die needlessly and Children will continue to be molested and raped at the hands of illegals.

This is the kind of wholesale treason being committed by POS neo-liberal bureucrats EVERY DAY, but the Sheeple seem to be more concerned about a country 5,000 miles away than the one they are actually living in.



Refugee News Roundup February 14, 2022

Refugee News Roundup February 14, 2022


Some of the Top Headlines from FUSA involving the overt Invasion of the United States and the resulting Criminal Insurgency that is ongoing.

U.S. Coast Guard Plays Uber and EMS to Illegal Aliens

Survivor of Capsized Boat Recalls Deadly Journey as More Migrants Risk Sea to Enter the U.S.


This is what happens when you advertise “Open Borders” to every third world shit hole in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Coast Guard and Border Patrol are now nothing more than a glorified Uber and EMS Service to illegals.

Your Tax Dollars Hard at Work.