Camp of the Saints: The Mandatory Suicide of the American Nation


UNSURPRISINGLY THE American people are being gaslighted once again. This time with immigration. As if it were not bad enough that for the six millionth time, a Jewish shyster crashed the economy, now the so-called Temporary Protected Status (TPS), deportation waivers, and work permits have been extended for a repulsive parasitic clump of 337,000 invaders in the United States, pre-empting court decisions such as Ramos v. Wolf and Bhattarai v. Nielsen that could have timed them out. The low-IQ inhabitants of El Salvador, Nicaragua, Sudan, Nepal, and Honduras who agreed to return home once conditions in their respective countries returned to normal (rather than ideal) are being allowed to squat in the United States for much longer than 2024. Extending TPS status long after the major incident event has become the norm. This latest extension is notable because the Biden administration did not even pretend to evaluate conditions in…

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Texas News: More Bus Loads of Diversity Going North

Governor Abbott is making the Illegal Invasion of America  a NATIONAL issue and not just a BORDER STATE Issue because the only way to effect change is to let people see and experience the problem first hand.

It only took New York a week and they were screaming for Federal Assistance with the influx of Illegals.


More White Genocide via Illegal Immigration

Illegal Alien, Arrested For Unprovoked Axe Murder, Should Already Have Been Referred For Deportation Under Oklahoma Law


Yet Another PREVENTABLE Crime.

Yet Another Young White Man’s Life Violently Snuffed Out.

“PREVENTABLE” because this Brown POS Felon was not supposed to be here.

I will warn you, the attached video is hard to watch.

It made me so Damn Angry I had to take a walk to cool down.

How many more Innocent WHITE Americans are going to have to be raped and murdered before we say Enough?




FUSA Bulletin: More 100% Preventable Illegal Alien Crime

H/T Freedom is Just Another Word

Suspected illegal immigrant is charged with murdering Vegas showgirl, 30, in Strip knife rampage that also saw man, 47, stabbed to death and six others injured


Four words: 100 Percent Preventable Crime.

As is ALL Illegal Alien Crime.

This is just another facet of the Controlled Demolition of what is left of the U.S.A. by the Globo-Homo Cabal.