Literary Corner: Cormac McCarthy’s Quest for Answers Amid the Chaos

Cormac McCarthy’s Quest for Answers Amid the Chaos


Cormac McCarthy’s novels have had a profound impact on me as a writer over the years.

If you are new to Cormac, I highly recommend these three novels to start out with:


  1. Blood Meridian

  2. No Country for Old Men

  3. The Road


Looking forward to reading this new one over Christmas break.

SHTF Self-Education Series Book Review – “Winning Insurgent War: Back to Basics”

SHTF Self-Education Series Book Review from the Library – “Winning Insurgent War: Back to Basics”


Note to my Readers: I had some issues downloading the .pdf version of this book with the links provided, so in prowling around I found this link which worked fine:



Study Up and Train Hard!

Natural Selection 2 by Jacqui Murray


Fellow Blogger, Writing Mentor and Published Author Jacqui Murray over at Word Dreams has a new book coming out I wanted to help promote:

Natural Selection 2 (Book 3 of the Humanity Trilogy)

It will be available October 20th on Amazon.

Get Your Copy Today!


Born in a Treacherous Time is Free for 5 Days!

Please Consider Support Jacqui, she is a Wonderfully talented Writer and Overall Great Human Being!

To celebrate the launch of Natural Selection, Book 3 in the Dawn of Humanity trilogy, the ebook of Book 1–Born in a Treacherous Time–will be FREE on Amazon Kindle October 15th-October 19th.

When you read this first book in Lucy’s tribe’s journey and fall in love with prehistoric fiction, read Book 2 of the trilogy, Laws of Nature before the launch of Book 3, Natural Selection, on October 19th.

Then, join the launch party on Oct. 25 and find out the answers to pressing prehistoric people questions:

  1. What did our ancestors do all day?
  2. What Did Early Man Eat?
  3. What I learned from Lucy
  4. How Did Early Man Tell Time?
  5. How Smart was Lucy 2 mya?
  6. Prehistoric fiction is boring. Change my mind.
  7. How Did Early Man Count?
  8. Could an almost-blind person get around feral Africa?
  9. Does man’s unusual “wanderlust drive” explain why we spread throughout the…

View original post 178 more words

Free Kindle Book: Medicinal Plants

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