UK: Conservative MP Stabbed To Death By Somali Was A Strong Supporter Of Black Lives Matter

A White man who supported militant black power groups and the destruction of his own country by invading hordes is murdered by them.

It’s the status quo of a multi-culturalist failed society.


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Black on White Crime: White 9 year-old suburban Farmington Hills girl kidnapped and raped by Black Detroit Thug

FBI raids house where abducted 9-year-old was raped on Detroit’s west side

More bad news from America’s top third world black shit hole: Detroit.

Although the linked article was typically vague on the race of the perp, the arrest article was more clear.

Texas News: Houston Cop Killed by Black Thug Drug Dealer with Illegal Weapon

Houston Police Release Video Showing Gunfight That Killed Senior Officer; Suspect Had Glock With Auto-Switch


Note this POS was a felon with a jacket of crimes dating back to 2008.

He was in possession of an illegally obtained and modified handgun.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Jeffrey and Vance Family.


Black Privilege and Racial Hypocrisy Rampant in America

Black Privilege: School Shooter Released on Just $75k Bond Thanks to the Color of His Skin


So just to be clear, you can shoot up a school, wound four innocent people, claim it was self-defense because you were “bullied” and the next day get released on $75K Bail *IF*you are BLACK?

I guess I should not be surprised.

This is Standard Operating Procedure for the Failed United States of America now, F.U.S.A.

I mean If that kid had been White (Like Kyle Rittenhouse) they would have slapped him with No Bond and painted him as the spawn of satan himself.

But hey this is post George Floyd America, where Black criminals can get away with pretty much anything, why? Because they are the “victims.” They are the ones who have been “oppressed”, and as such, get a free pass to say and do pretty much anything they want.

Take the black comedian Dave Chappelle.

It seems a lot of so called “Conservatives” really love this guy for a couple of reasons, both of which I will show to be utter bullshit. First, because he recently got “Cancelled” by the left for standing up for J.K. Rowling, whom is known as a TERF by the left. (If you don’t know what that term is, look it up, it’s just more WOKE acronym non-sense IMO) and her views on gender being binary.

Secondly, because Chappelle supposedly wants to “unify” the races and bring more harmony amongst people of different cultures, faiths and “communities”, to include the LQBTQ? This is coming from the same guy who during the riots and looting in Minneappolis after the death of George Floyd came out and actively supported the actions of BLM? If you listen to this guy carefully he is a dyed in the wool black power militant and has said on more than one occasion he doesn’t have any problems with any “community” except “white people.” If that is not blatantly anti-white, I am not sure what is, but no matter! He wants to unify us!

But what about all of Chappelle’s racist anti-white remarks?

In his most recent Netsux special, The Closer, Chappelle made multiple disparaging comments about Whites including “how ugly white women are” and how “only poor white people shop at Wal-Mart” and “it was the the kind of poor white people that voted for Trump and believe in Q.”

I know, I know, it’s comedy right? Everything and everybody is fair game.

But still the fact remains if a WHITE comedian made disparaging remarks about BLACK people and said things like “Why do all black women have asses like dump trucks and lips so large they can be seen from space?” or “Why is that Black people like Grape Soda and Watermelon so damn much?” or “Why do ghetto blacks always have their assets in their parents name and claim six fictional dependents to get more food stamps?”

Do you think for one second that WHITE comedian would have a career after that?

Hell No! The NAACP and the ACLU would throw a damn social justice lynching party.

But when Dave Chappelle does it, it is considered “socially aware” and he is celebrated?

And the bitch of it is, the majority of people celebrating him are WHITE! Why? One reason only: He is Black in a post-George Floyd America and a large number of Whites on the so-called “Conservative Right” drank the social justice kool-aid.

They are traitors, every one of them and mark my words they will have to answer one day.

The fact remains that racial hypocrisy will continue to be rampant in America as long as Whites allow it to be. We are now at the stage of American History where all the liberties we afforded to the Black in the last 60 years have come back to haunt and terrorize us. The old adage ‘Give them an inch and they will take a mile?” Yes, except that “mile” is now including The Criminalization of everything WHITE via a vis Critical Race Theory being taught to our children in public schools and illegal immigration on an industrial scale to destroy this country brick by brick and eventually, replace white people for brown and black.

Make no mistake, White Genocide in America is on the horizon unless something is done NOW.

Stand up to the Rising of the Tide.

Crime Awareness: Three Black Men Charged With Hate Crimes Against Asians?

3 Charged In Hate Crime Spree Targeting Asian Women Across Bay Area



They chose Asian women because of the rumor that Asian’s don’t like to use banks?

This was nothing but a case of  BLACK THUGS behaving like BLACK THUGS!

Opportunistic Street Crime 101.

The semi-upside is that if the Hate Crime Charges stick that is Federal charge (not State) and they will do every day of that sentence with no chance of parole.

I say “semi” because  prisons to these animals are just tax subsidized vacations.

I can think of better alternatives… 🤬