The Tragedy of Utopian Thinking

Her Name Is Anat Kimchi: White Female Doctoral Student (Researching Disparity In Probation Sentences) Randomly Murdered By Black Male In Chicago



“The World is a battleground, not a playground.”

A.W. Tozer

Police Say Gunman Who Shot 5 in 2 States Was Targeting ‘White Males’

Funny how Federal hate Crime Charges have not been filed?

Oh Wait, he is the wrong color for that, because only WHITE people can be Murdering Supremacist, right?

Wake Up America.



A man who is accused of shooting five people across two states is said to have purposely targeted white victims during the attacks.

Justin Tyran Roberts, 39, was arrested on Saturday on suspicion of wounding five people across Alabama and Georgia during a shooting spree that lasted 20 hours. Two of the shootings took place in Uptown Columbus while the other occurred in the parking lot of a hotel in Phenix City.

Police Say Gunman Who Shot 5 in 2 States Was Targeting ‘White Males’ (

Authorities say a suspect, who is accused of shooting and wounding five people in Alabama and Georgia, said that he did so because he was targeting white men.

Georgia police say shooting suspect was targeting white males in interstate shootings – TheBlaze

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Another Innocent White Girl Murdered by Black POS “Refugee”

Her Name Is Jupiter Paulsen: 14-Year-Old White Girl Murdered—Stabbed More Than 20 Times—By A Black (Liberian ) Male In Fargo, ND: Was He A Refugee?


Remember Mackenzie Lueck and Mollie Tibbetts?

Obviously the bastards in Washington D.C. do not.

That is why they keep importing these Foreign Criminal POS into this country by the plane load.

Enough is Enough of this Madness.


Beware, June is a WOKE Double Header Month

I just realized that June contains both “Fag Fiesta” Month (aka “Gay Pride”) and Juneteenth (June 19th)

They even made June 19th a paid State Holiday down here in Texas and you can bet your rosy ass every black will be taking it off and eating chicken and watermelon (They bought with their Food Stamp Card) and drinking Malt Liquor with their 347 relatives, because you know, slavery is the gift that keeps on giving in the black community!

But ask yourself: What has White America got in return for this “great gift” of Emancipation?

  • The Modern Welfare State

  • Over-Burdened Broken Criminal Justice System

  • Government sponsored Anti-White agenda

  • Black on White Violence

Ever since the U.S. Government “Freed” the slaves WE (the taxpayer) have had to subsidize their existence through both Welfare payments (Food, Housing, Medical) and Billions in jails and prisons to house them, because you know, Black felons deserve to watch Daytime T.V. all day and eat three square meals.

Random, senseless acts of Black on White Violence plague this nation:

And if all that was not enough then there is “reparations.”

Making whitey pay for things that happened over 200 years ago to your long gone distant dead relatives is a booming business in Marxist WOKE America.

Stand Up to the Rising of the Red Tide.


Know Your History: The Race Riots A Hundred Years Ago (Including Tulsa) Were Almost Always A Reaction To Black Crime

The Race Riots A Hundred Years Ago (Including Tulsa) Were Almost Always A Reaction To Black Crime


The Communist agenda has not changed folks.

When History does not suit their agenda, they simply twist and turn it so that it does.

Beware and Teach Your Children Well!