Recent Combat Footage from Chi-Raq Proves Once Again Tyrone Just Can’t Shoot

H/T Dissident Thoughts


The below clip proves once again why the majority of mass shootings involving blacks ALWAYS have high numbers of Wounded versus Fatalities.

Regardless of the Weapon and the Range (in this case a Rifle at under six feet) these people simply cannot shoot what they are aiming at (if they are aiming at all?)

Realize the clip below is just a SMALL sample of what is occuring in FUSA on a Daily Basis Folks.

Let that Sink In and Prepare Accordingly.


FUSA Bulletin: Black Male Shoots 11 People In Lafayette, LA

Black Male Shoots 11 People In Lafayette, LA: Police Claim It Wasn’t A Mass Shooting Because It Wasn’t “Pre-Planned” (I.E., Shooter Not White)


And the most deadly (and ignored) criminal trend in America continues:

Black Mass Shootings.

Prepare Accordingly.


Another Black Mass Shooting Goes Unreported

Black Gunman Shoots, Tries To Kill Nine Cops In Phoenix, After Murdering Girlfriend, As Police Rescue Baby


Boy that White Supremacy problem is really getting out of hand huh Joe?

I guess we should all be thankful Tyrone could not shoot worth a damn or this could have been really ugly.

When you hear that someone has shot nine people without killing them, it’s usually a black mass shooter.

See the 2017 article The “Leaded Law” And Mass Shootings—Poor Black Marksmanship Is Saving Lives.