Black Crime: Boston woman Snatched From T Station and Raped

Woman Snatched From T Station and Raped: Court Docs Detail Horrific Ordeal


Barbaric crimes like this committed by Black Thugs (very often just released from prison or out on some ridiculous bail) only support the findings of the 2021 National Crime Victimization Survey.

We don’t have a MAGA White Supremacy Problem, we have an Armed Black Thug Problem being orchestrated by a Globalist Anti-White Government.

Stay Armed and Prepare Accordingly.



2021 National Crime Victimization Survey

Latest Interracial Crime Stats


I highly urge all my readers to take some time and go through this NCV survey from last year.

It is one of the only of it’s kind that tabulates RACE in regards to reported and unreported (to Law Enforcement) violent crime (with the exception of Murder for obvious reasons).

As I stated before in ANOTHER Black Active Shooter:

Don’t Believe the Anti-White Propaganda and Race Hoaxes, Believe the MATH.





ANOTHER Black Mass Shooter?

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OK, so now we are at EPIDEMIC Numbers in 2022 regarding the numbers of BLACK MASS ACTIVE SHOOTERS in this country which categorically disproves the implication by the Mumbler and Sniffer in Chief that “White Supremacy” is the biggest domestic terrorist threat in this country.

Out of 77 MASS SHOOTINGS with a Known Perpetrator, Blacks were responsible for 73% of them (65).

So Just to be Clear: Armed Black Men are the biggest domestic threat in this country according to the most recent Mass Shooter’s By Race: The Data, NOT WHITES or WHITE SUPREMACY.

In fact, Blacks are 26 more times likely to be a mass shooter than WHITES.

Word of Advice: Don’t Believe the Anti-White Propaganda, Believe the Math.

Stay Armed and Prepare Accordingly.



Crime Awareness: Soros-backed Prosecutors Score Major Wins in Midterms

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Soros-backed Prosecutors Score Major Wins in Midterms


Just when you thought it was safe, Emperor Palpatine Darth Sidious Soros rears his ugly head in more political manipulation.

Most people forget that District Attorney’s (and State Judges) are Elected officials and in the recent Midterms, Liberal DA’s won big thanks to some Soros backed Campaign $$ Injections


Black Crime Awareness: Kunta Kinte Goes on a Stabbing Spree


No, really, that’s his NAME! 😂

Unfortunately this Pillar Of Society was not Shot and Killed by the Police so now my taxes will be forced to subsidize his laziness for the next 10 years.