Texas News: 17-Year-Old Girl Escapes Black Pimp Who Held Her Captive Over a Year

17-Year-Old White Girl Escapes Black Pimp Who Held Her Captive Over a Year… Pimp Gets 59 Years…


I don’t know all the details here, but in the beginning of this video before the stomping and slapping begins, the relationship appeared fairly consensual to me. Bottom line is in a majority of these cases these young white girls willingly begin having sex with these POS black pimps and then it escalates into trafficking.

If this thing began when the girl was 16, it begs the question, WHERE WERE THE PARENTS?

This shows just one of the many ways the dissolution of the White Family is being exploited.

White women are being exploited and murdered by Black Men at a staggering rate in FUSA.

I really wish this solid gold black POS could have been shot resisting arrest instead of a 59 year tax-payer funded vacation where he will most likely be paroled after a short time and go right back to grooming young white women.

As Predicted: Black Mass Shooting At DC Moechella Event In Honor Of Juneteenth

As Predicted: Black Mass Shooting At DC Moechella Event In Honor Of Juneteenth


Hey whatta you know, a bunch of Black Thuggery on “Juneteenth” what a Surprise!

Juneteenth is a good day for WHITE PEOPLE to STAY HOME.


Texas News: Another Black Gunman Killed at Dallas Children’s Camp

Police in Texas fatally shoot armed “man” at youth day camp


Notice the WaPo piece conveniently did not identify the gunman as black but our local news went ahead and told the truth that he was in fact black as the ace of spades.

Looks like we got ourselves a bonafide Black and Brown Mass Shooter Epidemic Joe, you want to re-think that White Supremacy thing now?

Prepare Accordingly Folks.

Ethan Liming’s Three Black Murderers Arrested

Three Black Males Arrested For Beating, Stomping Death Of White 17-Year-Old Ethan Liming


As is always the case, Ethan Liming’s Murder got swept under the rug because the race of the victim was just not dark enough.

Where is the Social Justice outcry for Federal Hate Crime Charges?

Oh That only applies to when Black People Get Killed, right?

The bad news is Ohio is limp wristed when it comes to Capital Punishment so these 3 Baboons will most likely just get tax-payer funded life vacations.


Behold: The Glorious Benefits of Diversity in America

H/T Revolver



Sheeeeeet…This is nothing compared to when their Food Stamp Money runs out.

Prepare Accordingly.