Michigan State Shooter Had Prior Felony Gun Charge Dismissed By Progressive Prosecutor

Michigan State Shooter Had Prior Felony Gun Charge Dismissed By Progressive Prosecutor


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Anthony McRae was charged in June 2019 with illegally carrying a concealed handgun without a permit, but later had those charges dismissed by the office of Ingham County district attorney Carol Siemon (D.). Her office instead let McRae plead guilty to a lesser misdemeanor gun charge, and he served a little more than a year on probation, which ended May 2021. He initially faced up to five years in prison for the felony charge, the Detroit Newsreported.

Siemon retired from the district attorney’s office at the start of this year after facing criticism from judges and law enforcement officials for her soft-on-crime policies. The same year that McRae was released, ​​Ingham County sheriff Scott Wriggelsworth pushed East Lansing’s city council “to reconsider her internal felony firearm charging policy,” which he said “does not hold people properly criminally accountable, and increases the likelihood of additional gun violence.”

Siemon made it her office’s official policy in August 2021 to drop mandatory prison sentences for felony firearms charges. She said the sentencing enhancement led to “dramatic racial inequity” and was “not in any way linked to the goal that we share of keeping the public safe.”

Siemon is part of George Soros’s vast public safety network. She has participated in international criminal justice reform junkets with other “reform-minded” prosecutors like Philadelphia’s Larry Krasner (D.), Chicago’s Kim Foxx (D.), and Los Angeles’s George Gascón. She also backed radical San Francisco prosecutor Chesa Boudin (D.) ahead of a recall campaign that eventually ousted him from office last year.


Once again a Soros Funded DA releases a violent black animal back on the streets that belonged in Prison, all in the name of “Racial Equity”.

So to be clear:

“Racial Equity” means making it easier for black and brown thugs to Kill as Many White People as possible all under the guise of Social Justice.

Don’t Forget the FACTS about The Black Active Shooter Epidemic!




Gun’s Don’t Kill People, Black People with Guns Kill People

If Guns Don’t Kill People, Who Does? Well, Black Gun Murders Surged During The Pandemic…


Read the key part again:

The study found that firearm homicide rates for young Black men aged 20 to 24 skyrocketed by 48% from 95.3 per 100,000 people in 2019 to 141.1 in 2021.

By comparison, the shooting death rate rose by only 14% for White men in that age range from 4.3 to 4.9 over the same period.

There is virtually no white gun crime in America.

If you take away suicides by firearm, what would the shooting death rate for whites be in America?

Yes, our nation does have a gun crime problem, and it’s almost exclusively due to individual black males collectively committing all of the gun crime.


All social policy on the 2nd Amendment and gun rights should derive from these demonstrable facts.





ANOTHER Black Mass Shooter?

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OK, so now we are at EPIDEMIC Numbers in 2022 regarding the numbers of BLACK MASS ACTIVE SHOOTERS in this country which categorically disproves the implication by the Mumbler and Sniffer in Chief that “White Supremacy” is the biggest domestic terrorist threat in this country.

Out of 77 MASS SHOOTINGS with a Known Perpetrator, Blacks were responsible for 73% of them (65).

So Just to be Clear: Armed Black Men are the biggest domestic threat in this country according to the most recent Mass Shooter’s By Race: The Data, NOT WHITES or WHITE SUPREMACY.

In fact, Blacks are 26 more times likely to be a mass shooter than WHITES.

Word of Advice: Don’t Believe the Anti-White Propaganda, Believe the Math.

Stay Armed and Prepare Accordingly.



*Another* Black Mass Shooter

Black St. Louis School Shooter’s Race Was Unspoken By MSM For Hours

Yeah leave it to the MSM like AP News to lead off with a headline like:

“School gunman had AR-15-style weapon, 600 rounds of ammo”

to clearly show their anti-gun, anti-white agenda and not the bigger problem at hand, an epidemic of  Black Violence.

While you’re waiting patiently to be told the most important fact about a shooting (the race of the shooter) remember that:

  1. If it was a white guy they would have told us (aka ”Coulter’s Law”).

  2. Most people who shoot up black schools are themselves black.

  3. Bad marksmanship is always an indication of a black shooter.

And if you think the race of the shooter is not the most important fact note how much the MSM pushes it when it’s a white guy, and how much they hate it being mentioned when the killer is black.


Black Gang Bangers Kill Six in Sacramento Mass Shooting

‘Gunman’, 26, suspected of carrying out Sacramento shooting that killed six as final victims are named as homeless woman, 57, who slept on nearby street and much-loved only child, 32


In 2022 one of the sure fire ways you can tell if Blacks or Browns are behind a Mass Shooting is the MSM goes on silent mode.

If Whites had been responsible for this shooting, it is all you would have heard about for the last few days.

I mean one look at the above mug shot of Tyrone and the “White Supremacy is our Biggest Threat” narrative folds up like a cheap lawn chair.

The Federal Government is not interested in reality, they are interested in their Anti-White agenda.

White Armed Citizens need to step up and address the Elephant (or should I say Gorilla?) in the room when it comes to Black Active Shooters and the rampant rise of Black Crime in this Country that get’s conveniently swept under the rug.

Oh Yeah, and in case you missed it California Lib-turds in Sacramento: Gun Control does not stop criminals, it only hurts law abiding citizens who want to protect themselves.

If you truly care about the Safety of your Citizens, join the Twenty-Five other States and Pass Constitutional Carry.