245 Years Later, Long Guns are Still The Life Blood of the Armed Patriot Citizen

It occurred to me this morning (July 3rd) while preparing my coffee and sitting down to work on a few writing projects that America at present is at a crossroads much like our Founding Fathers were some 245 odd years ago.

Like those brave men in the Continental Congress, we now at present face a similar tyrannical system of Government that is clearly not interested in individual liberties anymore. At every turn it seems this Government seeks to deny us, the American Citizen the rights afforded to us in the Constitution and Bill of Rights to “Keep and Bear Arms.” If you have been paying attention this past year it seems obvious that semi-automatic rifles like the AR-15 are the focus of their despotic disarmament scheme more than any other type of weapon. But why is this?

“That is why our masters in Washington are so anxious to disarm us. They are not afraid of criminals. They are afraid of a populace which cannot be subdued by tyrants.” -Colonel Jeff Cooper

History clearly shows that a populace armed with rifles stands a much better chance than one armed with handguns and an ill temper. This is why there is such a push at the highest levels of government to go after rifles, because an armed civilian populace SCARES them!

Gun control as many of you know comes in many forms and guises, but the most despicable form is the “Practical, Common Sense” approach. This type of control is most often now seen in Firearms Training articles predominantly authored by current or ex-Law Enforcement Officers.

Case in point: this article which seeks to use the John Hurley shooting a week ago as a reason for civilians to NOT carry rifles in their vehicles for self-defense because a nervous cop may shoot them thinking they are the bad guy!

Now the irony of this story is that Hurley killed the murdering perp with his legal concealed carry pistol. Hurley was then shot by a responding officer because he (Hurley) had picked up the perp’s AR-15 most likely thinking there were still active multiple shooters and was then mistaken for the shooter by the police and subsequently shot and killed.

Clearly there is a LOT to learn from this tragedy, namely what the armed civilian needs to do AFTER the perp is down and police are responding, but telling civilians to NOT carry a long gun in their car because they may be shot by Law Enforcement is NOT a good piece of advice!

The rifle will always be the LIFE BLOOD of the patriot citizen! It is the instrument by which we protect both ourselves and our freedoms from a tyrannical government.

Organizations like the NRA CMP and Project Appleseed were designed to ENSURE future generations never forget the importance of riflemanship for the every day citizen!

So this July 4th Independece Day take some time to reflect on the FOUNDATIONAL TRUTH that Rifle Ownership and Riflemanship are not only SACRED RIGHTS afforded to us by the Constitution and BIll of Rights but also a SACRED DUTY of the Armed Civilian!

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


Emotion for the Many

“I use Emotion for the MANY and reserve reason for the FEW.”- Adolf Hitler

Emotion. It’s a powerful tool when you are trying to persuade and manipulate people.

I remember as a teenager listening to a late uncle of mine talk about how he made a living selling high-end sports cars in the 80’s by using this tactic. “You gotta sell the dream” he used to tell me. “Get them away from thinking about that sticker price and those outrageous monthly notes instead get them thinking about how bad ass they are going to look driving that car around.”  I remember asking him if he ever felt bad about using manipulative sales tactics like that.  He would smile and say “Nope. Never felt bad in the least. They are adults. When they walk on that car lot they know what they are getting into. Besides, there was always a small percentage of buyers with whom these tactics did not work. The LOGIC AND REASON driven buyer. Those people could no be swayed.”

I will never forget what he said to me next:

Kid, don’t ever let EMOTION drive your decision-making. Nothing good will ever come out of it.”

I have been thinking a lot about that conversation lately, and if my Uncle were alive today, I would sincerely thank him for giving me that pearl of wisdom, because it has definitely served me well!

Too bad America’s liberals did not have a wise old uncle like mine.

Ever since the massacre at Parkland the left has been on a shameless campaign of emotionally driven hoplophobia hysteria. It seems there is no end to their arguments which are always devoid of any logic or reason. And I guess  the saddest part of all this are the “useful idiots” they have placed in the limelight, the “brave teenagers” (to quote Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO Edward Stack) who just a couple of months ago were too busy eating tide pods or updating their status on facebook to really care about anything, but are now suddenly the new “experts” on gun control in America?

It’s insanity.

But of course, this is nothing new.

The left has been using children to manipulate the masses regarding gun control for the past decade.

Consider the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting when obama famously shed a tear during a press conference or how about when obama surrounded himself with children while signing a series of executive actions favoring gun control?

The fact of the matter is that the left is not interested in LOGIC when it comes to gun control, they are only interested in their AGENDA, which is if you use the tiniest shred of common sense is a GUN BAN and eventually GUN CONFISCATION.

Don’t believe me? Read this eye-opening article at Breitbart. 

And for those on the Right who say this is nothing but “hyped gun confiscation hysteria”, take an honest look at those six items in that article and tell me it could not happen in 2020. After Trump, we have to believe that anything is possible in politics now folks.

Personally, I am done arguing the merits of the Second Amendment to people who are diametrically opposed to individual freedoms in the first place. Individual freedoms afforded to me via The Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Done with it.

Stay Armed, Stay Alert and Stay Dangerous.

The Surveillance State: What Happened to the 5th Amendment and “Innocent Until Proven Guilty?”

Consider for a moment the implications of a world without the protections afforded under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights…the man in this story does not have to do that, he is living it right now. Now I am against child sex predators as much as anybody, but this case STINKS! The Man has not even been charged with a crime except Contempt of Court!! As a person commented later, consider a world where ANYBODY can be set-up and framed when these Constitutional protections are not in place, that is where this man is now and the rest of us poor souls are headed.

Consider for a moment How easy would it be for somebody to plant a laptop or hard drive in your possession, call the Cops, accuse you of having child porn and then when you are asked to open the files you can’t because you have never seen the laptop or hard drive in your life and certainly would not know the password. In an instant your life just got ruined. Nightmarish? Yeah it is and it is totally feasible when we live in a nation where the Constitution no longer exist. The new law of the land is now GUILTY until proven INNOCENT and the 5th Amendment? What’s That? Law Enforcement has created an Easy fix: IF YOU DON’T TALK WE WILL THROW YOU IN JAIL UNTIL YOU DO.

As a Civilian Operator, Consider the Implications of an event like this happening to you. This is the world we live in now. It is a type of Warfare both the Government and nefarious individuals (hackers and conartist) could wage on the unsuspecting and ignorant and we ALL have to get saavy to it real quick if we expect to survive. -SF



So Much For The Fifth Amendment: Man Jailed For Seven Months For Not Turning Over Password?

The FBI recently spent more than $1 million for assistance in decrypting a device’s contents. It may have overpaid. Alternatives exist, whether it’s a $5 wrench or indefinite imprisonment for not helping the government with its prosecution efforts.

A Philadelphia man suspected of possessing child pornography has been in jail for seven months and counting after being found in contempt of a court order demanding that he decrypt two password-protected hard drives.

The suspect, a former Philadelphia Police Department sergeant, has not been charged with any child porn crimes. Instead, he remains indefinitely imprisoned in Philadelphia’s Federal Detention Center for refusing to unlock two drives encrypted with Apple’s FileVault software in a case that once again highlights the extent to which the authorities are going to crack encrypted devices. The man is to remain jailed “until such time that he fully complies” with the decryption order.

The Fifth Amendment should prevent the government from punishing a person for not testifying against themselves, which is what’s being argued by the defendant’s representation in its appeal to the Third Circuit. (Although it’s actually indirect representation. The government’s case is actually against Doe’s devices [“United States of America v. Apple MacPro Computer, et al“] and his lawyer is hoping for a stay of the contempt order during the appeal process.)

Read the Remainder at Tech-Dirt

There is No Such Thing as “Regulating Rights”

By John Farnam
When someone says, in so many words, “I have a ‘right’ to never have anything bad happen to me,” they are displaying a level of ignorance and self-delusion that ultimately makes for them a short, and unhappy, life.  And, they are unfit for citizenship in a free Republic!
Our Constitution provides no protection from, for example, bacteria.  Either way, bacteria don’t seem to care, one way or another!  Likewise, immunity from sadness, unfortunate circumstances, suffering, dying, and death is also conspicuous by its absence from the Constitutional text. 
Who read such rubbish into our Constitution are delusional and dishonorable.  They dishonor our courageous Founders and all our Constitution’s brave defenders ever since.
Our Constitution does not warrant bad things will never happen, but does confirm certain pre-existing rights (“endowed by our Creator”) of all citizens.  For example, our Constitutional does not guarantee innocent people a fair trail.  Here, everyone is guaranteed a fair trial!
When some leftist says this or that Constitutional right needs to be “regulated,” and fraudulently uses terms like “common sense” and “We’re doing it for you own good,” you can be sure that, in their minds, “regulation” translates to “prohibition,” and, whether in small steps, or in one big one, the result is always the same, and it was invariably their intention, their “hidden agenda,” from the beginning.  They love nothing better than to “regulate” our God-given and Constitutionally-confirmed individual rights as citizens out of existence, suffocating us with so many vaguely-written “rules,” no one can even know if he is “law-abiding” or not.  Thus, all citizens are continually terrorized, groping, weak, and fearful- exactly the way they want us!
And, what makes these weasels, these hypocrites, these Constitutional criminals, so blatantly evil is the fact that none of the restrictions they’re proposing for the rest of us, will ever apply to them, and they know it!
Who so self-righteously think, for example, military rifles are inherently wicked and thus need to be prohibited, will (when they have any personal honor) set the example and start with themselves!  We should say to them, “Okay, let’s start with your bodyguards”  And yet, none have volunteered, and no one in our corrupt media is making such a suggestion.  Imagine that!  Many more citizens are murdered ever year than are politicians.  Why is it that they “deserve” protection, but we don’t?
We can never allow ourselves to be deceived by these lying leftists.  They want for themselves all the power, all the revenue, all the privilege, but none of the accountability.  They feel far more of a kinship with Lenin, Marx, and Stalin than they ever will with Washington, Jefferson, and Adams.
They are a disgrace to our Republic, and it is a disgrace that they were ever elected.
For example, Chicago, a massive “gun-free zone,” apparently isn’t!  Attempts at a “gun-free utopia,” always by liberal Democrats, are an obvious and pathetic failure in Chicago, a fact ignored by the corrupt media. 
And, French “gun control” laws, and similar laws throughout Western Europe and the UK, have been pitifully ineffective in disarming/dissuading, even inconveniencing, terrorists.  
Mark that well!
Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!