More Proof you Don’t need a “Scary Black Rifle” to Inflict Serious Damage in a Crowd

Highland Park Shooters’ Weapons Identified by Police 


So a 22 year old man dressed as a woman was armed with a Kel-Tec Sub 2000 (9mm caliber carbine) Glock 43X, (9mm caliber) a Remington 700 (bolt-action rifle) and a Shotgun.

No caliber mentioned for the Remington Bolt Action rifle, but as for the Shotgun I am gonna guess a 12 Gauge Pump of some flavor.

No AR-15’s, No AK-47’s, No Military Assault Rifles, No “Machine Guns” (give me a break!)

But still you got 7 people dead and over 47 injured.

Despite what the MSM is trying to imply, a person with ill intent does not need a lot of firepower to inflict SERIOUS damage on a CROWD of distracted people.

History bears this out in graphic detail.

Remember the Virginia Tech Massacre in 2007?

One man armed with a Glock 19 9mm Handgun with 15 round magazines and a Walther .22 Caliber Pistol with 10 round magazines killed 32 People and wounded over a dozen.

Remember the Waukesha Christmas Parade Attack in 2021?

6 people were killed and 62 injured when a black extremist militant drove a SUV through a crowd of people.

A Vehicle, not Firearms did all that damage!

How about the Sagamihara Stabbings in 2016 where a man armed with a bag of knives murdered 19 people and injured 26?

KNIVES not Firearms did that!

Bottom Line folks MASS/ACTIVE SHOOTER EVENTS are not so much about the WEAPONS used, it’s more about the TACTICS.

  • They Look for SOFT Targets. People that are unprepared and unarmed. Cities with strict Gun Laws or Locations where Citizens are unlikely to be Armed such as Schools, Municipal Buildings, etc.

  • They Look for CROWDS of People that are DISTRACTED. Big public venues such as Parades and Concerts seem to be their favorite target.

  • They look for CROWDS OF PEOPLE IN CONFINED AREAS. Very often the security for these large venues are very strict, only allowing for one way in and out. This works well for monitoring and control but not so good for EXIT, especially in a mass panic stampede.

Lessons Learned:

  • Avoid Crowds

  • Stay Alert and Aware

  • Stay Armed

  • Drill and Practice Regularly with your Firearm



Beating the “Knockout Game”

From the Archives, 2014

I originally wrote this to address a rash of violent attacks back in 2013-2014 where innocent people were being senselessly attacked and “knocked out” on the street by groups of young thugs.

Seeing that mob street violence has made a HUGE comeback in 2020, I thought it might be smart to review this material.

As society continues to crumble  and random violence begins to be the norm, the CO must up his game in being prepared to meet that threat head-on. The most recent brand of this random type of street violence is the “Knockout” Game”.

A “Game” which to date has killed 7 people.

I do not intend to waste your time opining on why these assholes are doing this stuff. Frankly, I could care less in understanding a criminals reasoning; All I care about is me and my family’s safety.

Hopefully the following review will help you bring you and your family home safely too!

1. Awareness

Just simply being aware of what is going on around you is simple, pure logic, and in most cases, helps the CO avoid any hassles. ACTION on our part will always trump us having to REACT to our attacker. When we can put a hitch in our attackers OODA loop, (making them REACT versus the CO having to REACT) we stand a better chance of coming up on top. But the Knockout Game presents somewhat of a quandary in that dept. These idiots primary MO is come up to you on your blind side and deliver a knockout sucker punch. So how do you stay aware in a situation like that? Do you grow a pair of eyes in the back of your head? Do you walk around backwards?? Do you develop your “Inner-Ninja”?? I say that not to just get a cheap laugh out of you, but to raise an important “sidebar” point ” you need to be aware of. There are those in the self-defense training community that like to take very simple subjects (like Awareness) and make them overly complicated. Their reason for doing this is very simple: Money. The more in-depth they MAKE YOU THINK a subject is, the more classes, books and DVD’s you are going to buy. The problem with this besides it being terribly unethical is that most of the time they are teaching you a LOAD OF CRAP that is not realistic, not street-proven and has no true value as far as self-defense goes.

Let me be blunt and make this easy for you: You cannot maintain 360 degree awareness 100% of the time. No matter how much you keep your “head on a swivel”, no matter what kind of “reactionary gap” you SAY you give people, no matter how well your senses have been tuned and no matter how much “martial arts” training you have. We live in a society where we are in close proximity to people, it is that simple. I have seen people who say “When in public, I don’t let anybody get within 21 feet of me”, yet let them go to the grocery store and within 45 seconds I can prove them a liar. Being in “Condition Yellow” all the time is a state of mind guys, it is not a some LAW written in stone. Letting people get close to me does not put me in danger UNLESS I am unaware of what is going on with the particular situation. For example: What is their behavior like? What is in their hands? Where are their hands? How many of them are they?All of these factors will let you know if you need to put more distance between you and them.

To answer the primary question about how to stay aware of what is behind you and to avoid getting sucker punched, the best case scenario answer is to keep your head on a 360 degree swivel , which we know we cannot do 100% of the time, and try to address the threat before it has the chance to strike (Action trumps Reaction). Of course, that is BEST CASE scenario and in all probability will not happen that way. Your most logical course of action is to train yourself to REACT in such a way to avoid getting knocked out and at the same time neutralize the threat.


2. Reaction

There are numerous “positions” or “guards” combatives trainers have out there to teach people how to avoid getting knocked-out on the street; there is an extensive illustrated list of them on Lee Morrsion’s excellent resource site Urban Combatives. In my experience and training, I have found the best “guard” in a situation where you are being attacked from the rear (6 o’ clock) by an unknown number of assailants is a variation of the “Crazy Monkey”. I call it a “variation” because I combine it with my standard “Default” Guard position (Southnarc’s version); however, in drilling with the SN Default in full-on sparring, I found that when attacked from the rear, blind, by more than 1 assailant, the default left some holes, namely blocking angular punches and flowing with the dynamic movement of a street fight. The “Crazy Monkey” addresses those issues, while the variation I use helps to get a solid presentation of a weapon (knife or gun) into the fight. Understand that your intentions must not be to just keep from getting knocked out, but also to neutralize the threat attacking you!

The decision whether or not to introduce lethal force into this type of scenario is up to you; there are those who seem to think that this kind of “prank” does not warrant that extreme kind of reaction since these are just “kids” and “pranks”. I wholeheartedly disagree with that opinion for 2 main reasons:

  1. Seven People have been killed thus-far in these so-called “Kids Game”. Read that story HERE.

  2. The attackers are typically in a group from three to ten teenage males.

Training to introduce lethal force into any situation MUST always be precipitated by the CO understanding the Law in their respective states in regards to Self-Defense. In this particular scenario, TX Penal Code Sec 9.32 applies.

(B) To prevent the other’s imminent commission of aggravated kidnapping, murder, sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault, robbery or aggravated robbery.

Combine all of this with the lethal history of these types of attacks, the Disparity of Force (more than 1 attacker typically) and the CO typically feeling in “FEAR FOR THEIR LIVES” and the justification for applying LETHAL Force is very high.


3. The Fight

So getting back to the subject at hand. You have been attacked, you have covered up to the best of your ability with a default guard and are still on your feet. You are a tad dazed, confused and probably a little pissed off. What happens in the next 3-4 seconds is crucial and not something I can put in a bullet point presentation for you!

In the time that your mind is processing all the pertinent data, such as: Where did the blow come from? How many attackers are there? Am I wounded? You will need to create distance between you and the attackers. The reason for this is simple: Firstly, it will be harder to strike you, Secondly, if you plan on introducing a weapon into this fight, you will need some distance between you to do that. The closer the attacker is to you, the more likely he can foul your draw and/or grab the weapon. If that happens then you might find yourself in the worst case scenario: Fighting with the attacker over your OWN weapon! In CQ fights, retention of your weapon takes priority, because once the attacker knows you have a weapon, now he goes into self-preservation mode too! So we need to be prepared to “Create that Distance” by however we can: punches, kicks, elbows, knees, head-butts, eye-gouges, nut kicks, etc.

To address the issue of multiple attackers, it has been my experience both from the field and multiple CCTV & Dash-Cam videos of attacks, that once the first attacker is put down, the rest will scatter like frightened deer. Of course, vigilance demands that you cannot count on that, so the CO must prepare for the worst case scenario, which would be engaging multiple targets in succession. It is also a possibility that once the “knockout” is unsuccessful, the attackers will lose heart and flee. Again, you can never count on that, so always prepare for the worst.

In conclusion, the CO needs to ensure that padded Force-on-Force scenarios are part of his routine. Make sure and cover all the possibilities:

  • Multiple Attackers

  • Going to ground

  • Fouled draws

  • Weapon grabs

  • Fighting from the “clinch”

  • Drawing weapons from various positions

Spend a lot of time working on your Default Guard..remember this is what is going to keep you on your feet so you can fight. Think of the guard as your automatic “flinch response”; whenever attacked you go to your guard. This will take alot of practice,  so drill that way as often as possible! Find what guard works best for you and then tailor and dovetail that  into your weapon presentation.

Work on various positions to draw your weapons from, and don’t just fixate on one position either, for instance;  drawing a folding knife from your pocket, drawing a small pistol from a pocket holster, drawing a fixed blade from horizontal 12 o’clock or 6 o’clock concealed, drawing a handgun from AIWB or strong-side concealed. All of these positions are going to demand you fine tune your mechanics so they flow seamlessly. Remember, “Slow is smooth and smooth is Fast” in weapon presentation, so as you drill, eliminate any Un-needed movements or “hitches”.

Lastly, Fights are never STATIC!

People tend to move to avoid getting hit and/or hurt. Be prepared to have quick feet, shoot on the move and drive through your opponent like a sledgehammer!

Hope for the Best, Train for the worst and Stay Dangerous!

Is Awareness Mightier Than the Gun?

Openrange Defense – Is Awareness Mightier than the Gun?

I personally hold the old school adage of “The Best Fight is the one that never happens” as my personal motto because it exemplifies the two traits I think every martial citizen should have in spades: AWARENESS and DE-ESCALATION.

Being AWARE of your Surroundings and Always having the COOL HEADED Mindset that every heated encounter does not have to end in gunfire.

Actually, I have found over my 45 years that if you hone your AWARENESS to  fine edge you can sidestep “jinky” encounters (ones you have to de-escalate) before they ever get to the verbal stage.

As I have always said the Martial Citizen is a lifestyle not a hobby.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

How to Spot a Bad Guy

How to Spot a Bad Guy- A Comprehensive Look at Body Language and Pre-Assault Indicators


Good stuff by Greg Ellifritz over at Active Response Training.

Keep that Situational Awareness Sharp…better to be aware and AVOID a problem than walk head first into one and have to fight your way out.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

In Memoriam: Ari Fuld


A hero goes down fighting!

Recently, an American/Israeli (duel citizenship), Ari Fuld, was precipitously attacked by a knife-wielding Palestinian teenager in Israel. He was stabbed in the back at a shopping center near Jerusalem.

Fuld was likely targeted due to his high-profile, pro-Israel political activism. At the moment of his attack, Fuld was carrying a concealed pistol (brand/caliber not reported).

After being stabbed (fatally, as it turns out), Fuld ran after and shot-down his attacker, preventing him from committing additional mayhem against other innocent bystanders.

As a result, the Palestinian perpetrator suffered multiple gunshot wounds but survived. Fuld died a short time later at a nearby hospital.

Fuld, though painfully wounded and dying, summoned the courage, psychological determination, and physical strength necessary to put his pistol to proper use… one last time.

Fuld’s heroism demonstrates, once again, that armed citizens represent, by far, the best deterrent to terrorism!

Let’s not miss his important lessons:

1) Keep your head up! Watch your six, relentlessly.

Innocent-looking, bubble-gum-chewing teenagers, sitting on the fence behind you may indeed be weapon-wielding great-grandsons of Yasser Arafat!

That’s not “paranoia.”

That’s the caustic reality of this unsafe, unsettled world of 2018!

2) Go armed!

Don’t delude yourself into naively dividing your life into “safe” and “dangerous” times and places.

There is no “safety,” not anywhere, not any time, nor will there be during our lifetimes!

3) Train!

The world is full of lethal weapons, and violent criminals/terrorists will always have access to them.

Some of us are experts in their use. The vast majority are bungling amateurs!

The critical, war-winning advantage we have over armed terrorists is our courage, audacity, and practiced expertise.

Be one of us!

4) Finish the fight!

When placed “in extremis,” and your destiny is to go down, resolve to go down fighting!

Ari Fuld did, and he serves as a shining example to all of us!

“The battle, Sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave.” ~ Patrick Henry


Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!