Know Your Weapons: The Danish Hovea M/49


This gun caught my eye because of it’s striking similarity to the Swedish K or Carl Gustav m/45 and once you learn of the background you will readily see why!

Who said Husqvarna only made Tractors!


How to Use Tactical Reticles

How to Use Tactical Reticles


For those of you out there still confused about the difference between Mil’s and MOA, check this article out.

Remember, your Rifle is only as good as the Glass on top of it.

Know it like you know your own face.

Prepare and Train Accordingly.

Impro Guns Trifecta

Cheese Grater Broomstick

A locally craft produced short shotgun seized by Ecuadorian police.



Slam fire pipe shotguns in 12 gauge and 28 gauge used by Argentinian street gangs.


Colombian craft made .32 ‘Walter PPK’

A locally made “Cartagüeña” pistol from Cartago, Valle del Cauca.

Hideout Guns

Six of the Smallest Handguns on the Market Today


Stash em’ where you might need them! You never know when you’ll need a Friend!

I can attest that the NAA Black Widow in .22 Magnum/.22 Long Rifle is a handy pocket rocket!