Another California Migrant (Possible Illegal) Attacks Innocent Woman and is Killed by Cops

They never state whether the homeless “Transient” was an Illegal (PC Policing strikes again) but I will let you be the judge of that.

Personally, I would say 100% he is an illegal alien.

This was a tough situation to be put in from the perspective of the cop, but before you pass judgement, put yourself in their shoes.

WHAT IF that woman was your loved one and YOU had the gun? Would you chance the shot to try and save her life from this maniac? Of course you would, absolutely. That is why the Armed Citizen needs to practice hostage shoot scenarios regularly. Remember this story from Texas?

As far as this incident, sometimes there are no happy endings in the real world folks.


Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!

Civilian Operator 101: Vehicle Awareness

A lot of times when we get in our vehicles we tend to “zone out” for whatever reason. Maybe we are tired from work, personal issues on our minds or maybe we are just really liking the song on the radio. In this day and age however, we cannot afford to not being paying attention to what is going on around us regardless of where we are.

Above we have another great video from Brazil as a Another “off-duty” cop pulls into his gated garage and an armed thug makes the last bad decision of his young life. This is where paying attention to your mirrors is key. We should of course monitor our rear view and side mirrors when we are driving, but ESPECIALLY when you are PARKING or PARKED, since this is the typically when thieves and carjackers strike.

Make it a habit to check your mirrors before exiting your car, regardless of where you are. Remember, just because you pulled into your driveway or garage at home does not mean you are safe! It is a small, quick thing you can do to avoid an ambush!

(This is kind of a side topic, but start training yourself NOW to start noticing any kind of movement, shape, color or subtle light shift in your peripheral vision. Make it a daily drill. Keeping this sense keen is going to help a ton not just in awareness but in your shooting as well!)

Notice how the off-duty cop engaged as soon as the thug came around to his side, he did NOT WAIT for him to get to the car door, he TOOK CONTROL OF THE FIGHT AND TOOK THE FIGHT TO HIM! As soon as the thug entered the garage, he showed deadly intent by being armed. The guy was not there to ask directions. This is a no brainer!

Shoot them to the ground, Shoot them until they stop moving!

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!