Von Steuben Small Unit Tactics Trifecta

This weekend take some time to review some SUT Fundamentals:


Light Infantry; Context and Relevance

Gear Standardization for Prepared Citizen Groups

The Team Leader







Pistol Corner: Failure to Extract – When Tap, Roll & Rack does not work

Failure to extract – when tap, roll, rack does not work


When you train, train to clear malfunctions with the use of dummy rounds.

Although this type of stoppage is rare, it does happen and if you don’t train for it you will be that much slower clearing it when the chips are down and your * is on the line.

Prepare Accordingly.



Self-Defense Issues: How are Your Grappling Skills?

In a recent video, a Chik-fil-A employee courageously jumps in to save a woman from a carjacking attempt.

In the video you can see the employee drag the carjacker POS from the car and then subdue him with a choke until the carjacker surrenders.

Regardless if you carry any type of weapon on your person for self-defense, you should always have a toolbox of empty-hand skills.

Some of the most basic and practical skills to have are Choke/Submission techniques from Brazilian Ju-Jitsu.

  1. Rear Naked Choke

  2. Guillotine Choke

  3. Arm Triangle Choke (Anaconda, D’Arce Choke)

  4. Triangle Choke

  5. Side Choke


There are also a SHIT TON of Clothing Choke holds that can be very useful, in particular the T-Shirt and Hoodie Choke.



You can never have enough empty hand skills folks!

Personally I think Street Combatives/Boxing combined with cherry picked techniques from all the major disciplines: Muay-Thai, BJJ, Krav-Maga and Kali offer the Armed Civilian the best chance, but as with everything in life, find what works for you and TRAIN HARD!

I highly recommend Southnarc (Shivworks) for Realistic Street Fighting Training.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Why Is New Legislation Needed To Stop Antifa Blocking Roads?

Why Is New Legislation Needed To Stop Antifa Blocking Roads?


I have an ideal.

Instead of adding to the seemingly endless amount of LAWS that are created (which these criminal marxist POS do not obey anyway)

I say we begin using a very simple solution: The Gas Pedal.



It goes hand in hand with Pinochet’s Epic “Commie Disposal” Helo Technique:



Keep America’s Highways Beautiful!

Run Over a Communist Today!


The Life of South Texas Border Ranchers

Life For Border Ranchers: Assaulted, Dogs Beaten, Fences Destroyed, Dead Bodies


I have a good friend who works for a very large Hunting ranch along the border in South Texas.

In the last five years alone he has been involved in three shootouts with smugglers, an attempted stabbing, arson and vandalism (the drug smugglers burned down three of his deer stands and stole five of his feeders and game cameras) terroristic threats (the smugglers call the ranch and in broken English threaten to kill and behead his family).

If this sounds like a WAR it’s because it is a WAR!

An orchestrated WAR on American Citizens being aided and condoned by the Government Gangsters in Washington D.C.

I have to laugh when people tell my friend to just Move Away!

Why should HE have to move?

THEY (the drug and human smugglers) are the INVADING SPECIES!

Stay Armed and Prepare Accordingly