Crime Awareness: Houston Texas Warzone

Video shows Houston robbery suspects and victim get into shootout


This video proves two things:

1. Houston, Texas Homocide rate is now on schedule to become the next Chi-Raq in the next few years.

2. Go Armed 24/7 or Guess Right!


It’s not clear if the victim was White but since the Three armed muggers were Black I will leave that one up to you.

Prepare Accordingly, it’s a Jungle out there, literally.

Underground Logistics



Rifle Corner: The SVD Dragunov


Great 30 minute video on one of the most iconic DM (Designated Marksman) Rifles ever made.


Know Your Weapons: Making M14’s and ICBM’s

Making M14s and ICBMs


Really interesting piece of firearms history!

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!