More Clown World Diversity

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Florida County Named After Gen. Robert E. Lee Could Soon Be Renamed in Honor of Bruce Lee


If this is not a case of neo-liberalism clown world convenience I don’t know what is.

Basically, a small minority group of lib-cuck marxist saw an opportunity to double-down on political correctness by getting rid of Southern Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s name and replacing it with that of a chinese martial artist “pop-culture icon” entertainer Bruce Lee.

I am sure the 86% of White People in Lee County, Florida really appreciate having their county renamed after an asian drug addict.

But hey what can you do?

Liberals love glorifying Non-White drug addict felons! Besides re-naming streets and counties after them, they even build Statues to them!

Cultural Marxsim is really a DISEASE folks, a terrible, debilitating disease that destroys societies from within.

Beware of the marxist practice of Damnatio Memoriae.

The next name they could erase may be your own.

Statue of George Floyd Vandalized in New York City

Statue of George Floyd Vandalized in New York City

🤣 🤣 🤣

Ahhhh, some days you just read a headline and it makes you feel all warm inside.

But I would urge this so called “Dissident Youth Skateboarder” to go a step further:


Because If the statues and memorials of our Southern Confederate Leaders, Politicians and Generals can be torn down on a WOKE whim, how can a statue of a convicted felon and drug addict be considered any better?

Answer: Because he was Black?