Printing Widows

Printing Widows

Is another Banker-Orchestrated Brother War needed for their Reset Agenda?


“When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, they and not the leaders of the government control the situation, since the hand that gives is above the hand that takes. Money has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency; their sole object is gain.”  –Napoleon Bonaparte


As a Veteran it always sickens me that the people always clamoring for WAR are the ones who have One, Never had to fight one and Two, Do Not stand to lose anything from it personally, as in a son or daughter.




While the Press Runs Away, Americans Live Under a Deadly Reign of BLM Terror

While the Press Runs Away, Americans Live Under a Deadly Reign of BLM Terror


While we are on the subject of Black Crime Skyrocketing Across the Nation, consider these items of interest:

This last item goes right along with the current West Coast trend of Black and Brown Thugs invading Upper Class White Neighborhoods with “Follow Home Invasions” and High End Smash and Grab Jobs in Beverly Hills and Bel-Air.

It’s Obvious these Colorful Criminal POS are spurred on by BLM’s constant Anti-White rhetoric and the current Government Legal agenda to Support and Perpetuate Black Crime.

Make no Mistake the BLM Problem is Snow-Balling and is Coming Soon to a Town and Neighborhood Near You.

The Great Replacement is not a Conspiracy Folks, it’s a Crime Wave.

Arm Up and Prepare Accordingly.

Militant Black Crime

BROOKLYN SUBWAY mass shooter: As usual, Law Enforcement officials were quick to declare that it had “Nothing to do with terrorism”

I don’t know about you but I have had a hard time keeping up with all the Black Active Shooter incidents as of late.

The Waukesha Parade Massacre tops the list followed by the Attempted assassination of a mayoral candidate by a Louisville BLM activist.

Then last Month there was the “Hood-Nic” shooting outside Little Rock, Arkansas.

Then the major chimp-out gang shooting in Sacramento followed closely by the Shooting at a Dallas Concert.

And then Yesterday this Shooting in a New York Subway.

My God, this “White Supremacy is a major threat to the Homeland” Problem is just getting out of hand isn’t it Slo-Joe?

While the majority of black shootings have been “gang related”, this most recent shooting in New York is a clear cut case of a militant islamic leftist black nationalist going on a anti-white rampage, but I doubt you will hear anything about that on MSM.

Bottom line, expect more of this kind of thing.

It’s just another tool in the current administration’s war on WHITENESS.



The Great Replacement Comes For General Custer

Great Replacement Comes For Gen. Custer: Democrats In Michigan Push To Remove Custer Monument


The Democrat Party is now motivated by utilizing The Great Replacement as an electoral strategy, and their Coalition of the Fringes is united by removing white America’s history from the public space.

If we can’t celebrate our past, what hope do whites have for a future in the USA?

Custer’s Last Stand is our history.

His statue in Monroe, Michigan celebrates our history.

The fight to remove it is a reminder those architects and practitioners of The Great Replacement are 100 percent dedicated to erasing our past, present and future.


FUSA Bulletin: The Blackwashing Continues

Two White Characters In MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE Cartoon Turned From White To Black Because You Can’t Have “Just Giant, White Blond Dudes” To Celebrate Anymore


It seems nothing is safe from Woke Blackwashing.

First Neflix aka Netsux turned a White Viking King into a Black Negress and now they are going after a beloved 1980’s cartoon.

Because you know we can’t have giant, blond white dudes saving the galaxy and being Masters of the Universe, can we?

Blackwashing infects every aspect of our society because all of our myths, legends and even Saturday morning cartoons reflected our past and the fact our civilization was once about whiteness and promoting whiteness.

Now? It’s about de-emphasizing whiteness and inserting blackness where it never existed.

Even in Eternia. Even in Masters of the Universe.