Newsflash: Liberal Fascism and Anti-Christian Bigotry are Alive and Well in America!


To be honest, I find it par for the course that as a Christian, I am considered “mentally ill” by the left because I talk to and hear from Jesus Christ in my personal relationship with him, irregardless of how “long the conversation is.”  The reason I say “par for the course” is because as of late, the left considers you any number of labels such as: racist, intolerant, misogynist, neo-nazi or alt-right if you identify WITH ANY ideal or value system liberals do not agree with, so why should being called “mentally ill” bother us? This behavior by the way, is the textbook definition of fascist intolerance. Ironic isn’t it? That a bunch of clucking leftist hens are practicing the very thing they claim to be railing against day after day! Just another prime example that liberals cannot help but contradict themselves in their beliefs.

Consider for a moment if Joy Behar’s comments on The View were made against the muslim faith (I know this is a stretch, but bear with me) Do you think the claims of religious intolerance and quite possibly, hate speech, would be more numerous and intense? I can guarantee you with the utmost certainty they would be. Not only because of the left’s head-over-heels love affair with islam but because of it’s anti-christian stance as well.

Taking this ideal one step further, while Behar on national television can call Christians and specifically the Vice-President of the United States “mentally ill” for practicing their faith and get away with it, what do you think happens when a Christian stands-up to a liberal, Godless lifestyle such as homosexuality and calls it a sin? Well if you live in the U.K. you get arrested.

I find it hilarious that Fox news thinks ABC is going to distance themselves from “The View” because of Behar’s remarks. The truth is, TV networks are doubling down on  Anti-Christian sentiment. CBS will be rolling out a brand new sitcom DEDICATED to the open mockery of Christianity called “Living Biblically”. How is that for understanding, tolerance and respect? These networks are actually betting that most of America feels the same way Behar does.

When you look at this thing from the broad perspective, we Christians here in America still have it pretty good. Yeah, lib-tard talk-show host bad mouth us and call us names, but at least we are not being hunted down and killed like Christians in Syria and Egypt are by ISIS thugs at this very moment. So we got that going for us at least. For now anyway.

In closing, keep your powder dry and your eyes on Jesus. Because things are going to get ALOT worse really quickly for Christians, and I am not talking just insults.

Stay Dangerous!

The Tactical Hermit