Dealing with Molotov Cocktails and Fire Bombs

Your Tactical Training Scenario- Dealing with Molotov Cocktails and Fire Bombs


Thought provoking article from both sides of the “insurgent equation.”

Study Up.

“Sometimes it’s useful to pay attention to even the most unlikely attack scenarios.  Looking at them as a thought experiment will provide some insight into more mundane self protection events.”


Texas is Doing The Job The Govt. Won’t

Abbott: $500M OK’d For Border, 240K Illegals Caught


I applaud the efforts of Governor Abbott but I don’t think this is a sustainable model and the Globo-Homo cabal knows it.

I think the next step should be complete seccession and the formation of a New Confederacy of Southern States willing to join resources to secure the Southern Border with FORCE.

It’s the only viable solution to a Federal Government that obviously does not care for the Safety of it’s CITIZENS and takes pride in running amok and contrary to the Constitution of the United States.

Domari Nolo.



Half the Country is Permitless Carry Now



Kemp Makes Georgia 25th Permitless Carry State


Some good news for a change.

Now take the money you saved on licenses and fees and go get yourself some PRACTICAL TRAINING!

Carry 24/7 and Always be Training!

The More you add to that Mental Toolbox the Better Prepared you Are.

Armed Citizen Corner: 74 year old Good Samartian Boater Rescues Drowning Man and then is Forced to Shoot Him Dead in Self-Defense

Boater, 74, Rescues Drowning Jet Skier Twice, Then Shoots Him Dead


Talk about Life being stranger than Fiction.

It seems you cannot be a Good Samaritan in the 21st Century anymore, it’s just too damn dangerous!

Kudos to the Old Man Staying Armed 24/7.

Sick Of These White Supremacists Being Mean To Asians!

Sick Of These White Supremacists Being Mean To Asians!


“It is tiresome to post this stuff but it is necessary to remind everyone of why we must practice what we preach: stay away from crowds, always be carrying, head on a swivel, teach your family the same.”


Black on White (and Asian) Crime is Out of Control in FUSA.

And barbaric jail house chimps like this roam the FUSA city shithole streets by the thousands thanks to Liberal DA’s and a Penal System that is overloaded and at Max Capacity.

Carry 24/7 or Guess Right!