The New Reality by Ken Hackathorn



If you are a citizen who carries a Gun, Focus on Learning these 3 Things:

     1. Awareness

Get your nose out of your damn phone and BE PRESENT when you are out and about in public. If you can BE AWARE of a Threat before it becomes a PROBLEM you can AVOID IT.

     2. Avoidance

Once AWARE of the threat, BREAK CONTACT and Get the Hell out of Dodge!

     3. De-Escalation

If Avoidance fails, always seek to show you are NOT the agressor via Verbal or Physical De-Escalation. The Kyle Rittenhouse shooting is a great example whereby Kyle repeatedly tried to avoid being attacked but eventually could no longer do so and was put in a Kill or be Killed situation. Remember: The New REALITY is that you are ALWAYS being recorded in public!


There is no better example of WHITE MALES being demonized in the media when it comes to VALID Self-Defense Shooting’s than the case of Jake Gardner. 

Gardner did everything right in defending himself legally, but the media went after him because he shot a black man, and in THE NEW REALITY, blacks, regardless if they are POS Criminal thugs with arrest records thicker than the phone book (George Floyd, Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin) cannot be killed.

“The Best Gunfight is the one YOU ARE NOT IN!”

-Clint Smith