Centerfire Rifle Wounds

Centerfire Rifle Wounds


Not for the faint of heart, this is a very informative PICTORIAL article on what various calibers of Centerfire Rifle Rounds can do to soft targets, ie, human bodies.

Study Up and Prepare Accordingly.

Shotgun Basics: Buckshot (Part 1)

Shotgun Basics: Buckshot (Part 1)


I have been reloading for most of my adult life and have used just about ever flavor of shotgun load there is and for my money a good 00 Low-Recoil and #4 Buckshot are my “GO TO” loads for 2 legged critters.



Know Your Ammo: The 25 ACP – The Worst Carry Caliber

The 25 ACP – The Worst Carry Caliber


The .25 ACP, the infamous “mouse fart” gun!